Jim Schnepper
A 20-year veteran of GAF, Jim was named President in January, 2016. Jim brings a unique point of view to his role, based on his years of experience in the sales organization, a keen understanding of the needs of our customers, and his vision for how GAF will transform the roofing and waterproofing industries.
Randy Bargfrede
SVP, Supply Chain
Randy was named Senior Vice President, Supply Chain in March, 2018. He has been with GAF for more than 15 years and has a deep understanding of GAF’s logistics and supply chain, as well as the vision that’s helping transform our value chain to create value for our customers.
Dan Boss, Ph.D
SVP, Research and Development
Dan was named Senior Vice President, Research and Development in October, 2016. Dan has been helping drive innovation across the aerospace, mining and metals, and building materials industries for more than two decades. His distinctive background, which includes both R&D and marketing, allows him to combine new technology development with innovative business development strategies.
James Durkin
SVP, Steep Slope Systems Sales
James was named Senior Vice President, Steep Slope Systems Sales in February, 2019. He has been with GAF for 19 years and has substantial experience in leading both residential and commercial sales. Jim’s customer-centric approach is a key part of driving the growth of our residential roofing business.
Andy Hilton
CCO and Head of CSR
Andy was named Chief Communications Officer in May, 2018. Andy’s experience across a broad range of industry sectors and particular expertise in change and reputation management makes him uniquely suited to lead GAFs communications and corporate social responsibility efforts as the company works toward transforming the roofing and waterproofing industries.
Brian Kimber
EVP, Sales
Brian was named Executive Vice President in February, 2019. Brian has been with GAF for more than 23 years in sales leadership roles, and has more than three decades of experience in the roofing industry. Brian’s deep understanding of our customers and his skill in team building help drive GAF’s growth in both the residential and commercial roofing markets.
Alex Liebman
SVP, Corporate Development
Alex is responsible for executing best-in-class strategy-setting processes and organization prioritization for GAF, in partnership with the parent company Standard Industries. Alex joined GAF in August 2019 after spending 10 years with McKinsey, three of them as a Partner. In addition to his time in New York, Alex also spent seven years in Beijing, China and is fluent in Mandarin. He holds MA and PhD degrees from Harvard University and a BA from Yale University.
Matthew Loncar
SVP and General Counsel
Matthew was named Vice President and General Counsel in July, 2017. Previously, he spent more than 15 years with Toys R Us. Matthew is a seasoned in-house counsel, with deep expertise in both business and law, and is ideally suited to provide guidance in the many areas that affect GAF, specifically employment, policy and regulatory matters.
Timothy Machelski
SVP, Manufacturing
Timothy was named Senior Vice President, Manufacturing in March, 2018. Tim’s vast industry knowledge and experience has helped GAF become North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer. His expertise and forward-thinking mindset will continue to help GAF as we work to transform our manufacturing operations.
John Maitner
John was named Chief Financial Officer in January, 2017. Previously, he spent more than 15 years as Treasurer and Chief Compliance Officer. His depth of experience with the company and his skill in financial analysis give GAF a competitive advantage.
Chris Rector
Chris was named Chief Marketing Officer in May, 2018. Previously with Colgate-Palmolive and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Chris brings a wealth of branding and marketing expertise to bear in his role at GAF, as well as experience managing businesses and people across a range of industries both inside and outside the United States.
Dion Rooney
Dion was named Chief Information Officer in March, 2019. Previously with Hudson’s Bay Company and Toys R Us, Dion drives the innovative, large-scale digital solutions that are helping GAF shape the future of our industry.
Keith Sanders
EVP, Sales Support
Keith was named Executive Vice President, Sales Support in June, 2018. He has held a wide range of sales roles in his nearly three decades with GAF, which ideally positions him for his current role.
Pete Vollmar
SVP, Commercial System Sales
Pete was named Vice President, Field Sales Operations in April, 2018. He has gained extensive experience in sales, marketing, and logistics during his more than 25 years with GAF. His broad knowledge of our products and our customers, combined with his powerful leadership skills, makes Pete a key component of GAF’s growth strategy.