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High Performance Pavement Preservation

Our pavement maintenance solution can help extend road life by 50-60% over traditional asphalt emulsion treatments.1

1See our Maintenance Impact Report for details
Side-by-side image for road decline in 5 years

Roads are declining faster than budgets can maintain them

Two primary causes:

  1. Materials: Traditional pavement maintenance materials are asphalt-based, therefore asphalt is being used to protect asphalt limiting protective characteristics.1
  2. Application: Both the aggregate mix and application quality depend on the individual applicators, and may vary significantly.
1See our Maintenance Impact Report for details
New EV sprayer for GAF Roads ensuring even pavement preservation application

GAF Roads solves for both material and application

Thoughtfully designed from formulation to application. 

  • DuraShield-SR helps resist weathering... helping to prevent pavement breakdown.
  • Coming soon: Customized, automated "smart" EV sprayer designed to help ensure application of DuraShield-SR at a consistent application rate and thickness.
DuraShield-SR product benefits for local roads by GAF

DuraShield-SR material is a breakthrough technology

Your roads — one of your most expensive assets — should last longer and be designed for communities. They call that a “win-win”.

  • Long-Lasting Performance: Slows oxidation and weathering1, hard cure means no tracking, improves friction tested in accordance with ASTM E965-15 and ASTM E303-22
  • Community-Friendly: Non-asphalt-based formulation, low VOC, and same day return to service
  • Mitigates Heat / UV: Keeps asphalt substrate flexible & stickier longer,2 reduces pavement surface temperatures by up to 10°F and reduces ambient air temperatures by up to 2.5°F

1See our Maintenance Impact Report for details

2Reduction of aging binder led to an estimated 20% life extension based on a study by ASU

Findings from a peer-reviewed 12-month observational study conducted by Altostratus

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