Community impact

Protecting communities where we live & work

Our commitment to protect what matters most includes making a positive difference as neighbors and partners in the communities where we live and work. We leverage our expertise, resources, and products to help power the potential of our communities and provide an inclusive opportunity for all, through three key social impact priorities:
Creating Disaster Resiliency, Helping Neighbors, and Building Community.

Creating disaster resiliency

The unique combination of our people and products offers a powerful opportunity to help our communities prepare for and respond to disasters. Through partnerships with nonprofits such as Team Rubicon and Good360, GAF is helping to build infrastructure and critical resources that can be deployed to help communities in need, from on-the-ground volunteers to much-needed products that can aid in response and long-term recovery. Employees also extend a helping hand through the GAF Cares Employee Relief Fund, which provides relief grants to co-workers in need.


USCCF Recognizes GAF for Building Resilient Communities

Becoming a Team Rubicon Greyshirt—An Enlightening and Humbling Experience


Helping neighbors

Building an inclusive community starts with understanding the needs of our neighbors. GAF works closely with key partners to provide grants and in-kind donations, as well as hands-on support from contractors, industry leaders, and GAF employees. Through the GAF-Habitat for Humanity Community Contractor Program, for example, contractors contribute their expertise to support their local communities. More than 500 certified contractors have helped put roofs over the heads of thousands of families in need.



GAF and Contractors Team Up with Habitat for Humanity to Support Local Families

The IFP Free Farmers Market—An Employee Volunteer’s Perspective


Building community

Communities thrive when diverse experiences, expertise, and community members come together. GAF is leading initiatives that are designed to bring people together in shared spaces to help invigorate the economic and social health in the places where we live and work, especially in our 26 plant communities.



Dreams at the Shafter Learning Center

Our GAF Hometown: Ennis, Texas


Meeting industry needs

Job resources and growth opportunities for underserved communities are in high demand, especially in the roofing industry where qualified labor is one of the biggest challenges. Through the GAF Roofing Academy, we work with many community organizations to provide practical hands-on training for prospective roofers looking to start rewarding careers. For new and established roofers, we create dedicated resources and tailored training for Spanish- and English-speaking contractors, providing the tools needed to support business growth.



"I'm so happy to be here. The staff is so professional, you can tell that they actually want to help. They actually want to teach us, and train us and certify us, and it's just a great feeling."

GAF Roofing Academy Graduate
Certified Solar Installer with Solar Landscape

Tackling the Need for More Tradespeople in the Roofing Industry

Una historia de éxito en techados: Erasmo "Mitos" Fuentes







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