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Roofing. A career that takes you higher.

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GAF Training

Most people join the roofing industry for a great paying job where new recruits are in high demand. They stay for a rewarding career in a growing industry that helps protect others where they live and work.
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Roofing is in high demand

The roofing industry is booming, with demand for 19,000 new jobs expected by 2028. Why? Buildings are big business, and protecting, maintaining and repairing properties - is critical to the investment of any building project. Roofers can expect a starting wage of $39,970 per year (or $19.22/hr). GAF Roofing Academy is designed to help you build the skills for an entry-level position, combines classroom and on-the-roof training with access to job opportunities from GAF’s national network of thousands of independent, certified contractors seeking talent.
Figures sourced from The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Start your roofing career at the GAF Roofing Academy If you’ve ever considered a career in roofing—and even if you haven’t—the GAF Roofing Academy can help you get there. Academy students learn from the best. Powerhouse instructors in the skills you’ll need to become a respected roofing pro. Contractors. Foremen. Roofing company owners are begging for well-trained manpower.

Roofing positions

Installation is just the beginning.

If you think installation is your only career option in roofing, think again. There are a lot of different ways to make a living in the industry. Best of all, your path is wide open to grow into positions at all levels.

  • Laborer: Assist roofing teams under the direction of a foreman or contractor. Responsibilities: remove old roofing material, unload and stage equipment and materials
  • Delivery driver: Transport roofing materials. Responsibilities: loading, transporting and unloading materials
  • Warehouse Worker: Help maintain a warehouse facility. Responsibilities: cleaning in and outside the facility, operating a forklift or other machinery, painting
  • Installer: Install roofs on residential homes and/or commercial buildings. Responsibilities: product installation, maintenance and repair work
  • Foreman: Oversee roofing crews and projects. Responsibilities: managing crew members, crew safety, communicating with clients
  • Supervisor: Manage a larger roofing team. Responsibilities: scheduling, assigning, and demonstrating roofing work, inspecting work-in-progress and finished projects
  • Project Manager: Manage each stage of roofing installation and repairs to finish projects on-time and within budget. Responsibilities: project planning and cost analysis
  • Service Tech: A highly skilled roofing mechanic. Responsibilities: inspections and identifying leak sources
  • Owner: Oversee a roofing company. Responsibilities: managing workers, speaking to clients, marketing, high-level project management
  • Salesperson: Selling roofing materials and products. Responsibilities: communicate with homeowners or facility managers, roofing businesses, and construction companies
  • Estimator: Provide/lead estimating for larger-scale, commercial projects. Responsibilities: taking measurements, inspecting existing roof material, investigating local codes
  • Insurance Specialist: Assist homeowners and building owners with insurance claims for property damage. Responsibilities: inspecting roofs, working with insurance adjusters

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Start your roofing career

GAF Roofing Academy students learn from the best. Our powerhouse instructors will teach you the skills you’ll need to become a respected roofing pro. Contractors, foremen and roofing company owners are all actively recruiting well-trained, qualified roofers.
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Looking for qualified roofers?

We’re working to train the new roofing workforce with one of the most practical and hands-on educational programs anywhere. With instructors at the top of their games in installation and repair, warehouse management, estimating and more, you can finally hire laborers with peace of mind.