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Solutions for any roofing challenge

As North America's largest roofing manufacturer for both low- and steep-slope solutions, our experience spans virtually every roofing system, from single-ply to liquid-applied to live roof systems and everything in between.

Time-saving solutions

Products created with rooftop efficiency and productivity in mind.

than traditional buckets and roller adhesives with EverGuard® TPO Quick Spray Adhesive Spray.
with 12'-wide rolls of EverGuard® TPO compared to 10'-wide rolls to help reduce labor on large wide-open buildings.
EverGuard® TPO
and boost productivity up to 200% with Flexible TPO accessories.
with lightweight EnergyGuard™ NH Polyiso Insulation. Plus, it provides a higher R-value per inch compared to non-polyiso types of insulation with equivalent thickness.
EnergyGuard™ NH Polyiso Insulation
and rain resistant in as little as 15 minutes* with 
United Coatings RoofShield® I.S. Fast-Dry Elastomeric Acrylic Coating
structurally sound metal roofs instead of a complete tear-off with Hydrostop PremiumCoat® System.
*Dry-to-touch time is based on actual ambient condition, wind speed, elevation and catalyst pressure settings. See the Technical Data Sheet. Based on GAF estimate to field-fabricate flashing detail.

North America’s largest roofing manufacturer proudly serves the entire nation

5B+ Feet
installed commercial roofing in the last ten years
2,000 +
Factory-Certified Contractors
$3B +
Annual Revenues
manufacturing operations across 26 locations in the U.S.

Support services to help make your roofing project a success.

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A Nationwide Field Services Team

In-Person Support

The GAF Field Services Team is a national group focused on providing Field and Sales support across the GAF product lines. We pride ourselves on our ability to apply our knowledge and expertise in areas such as, residential and commercial installations, technical product support, tapered insulation design, and general best practices.
local Territory Managers

Your Personal Rep

Whether your questions are about product availability, system integration, long term performance, guarantees, or even a specific installation detail, make your first call to your GAF Territory Manager. They’re ready to answer your questions or connect you to the experienced pros who can.

Technical Services Hotline

Live resources dedicated to supporting proper roof installation. Available to answer questions regarding installation, codes, product approvals, roof system details, and other technical issues.



Architectural Information Services (AIS)
Devoted to assisting with the specification process. They can answer questions and provide help with master specification preparation and other activities at no charge.

Tapered Design Team
Provides customized solutions for tapered design projects and custom-detail drawings that can help reduce material costs and waste through precise layouts and material calculations


When you insist on getting it right every time.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or an up-and-comer, you can count on GAF for training and skill development.

gaf care

In-Person and On-Demand Training

Get hands-on training in commercial roofing best practices — as well as innovative time-saving, quality-improving techniques — from GAF CARE — the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence. Over 25 full-time CARE trainers teach more than 750 classes a year.
dave and wally training series

Roofing It Right

GAF Senior Commercial Training Specialists Dave Scott and Wally Brown — two of the industry’s most experienced low-slope pros — share their decades of experience in “Roofing it Right.”

Digital tools to help grow your business and get your job done.

GAF offers tools and programs to make every step of the process more effective.

GAF QuickMeasure

GAF QuickMeasure is the complete aerial roofing measurement software the delivers roof measurements in under an hour for single-family homes, and under 24 hours for multi-family and commercial properties. For as little as $15 a report, it's the only roof measuring tool you need.
The Cool Roof Energy Savings Tool generates proposal-quality reports using local utility costs and rebate data.

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Respond faster after a storm, and serve your customers when they need you most, with WeatherHub, the all-in-one weather platform.

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This dynamic tool offers at-a-glance information on how GAF products can contribute towards meeting criteria for several of the most popular green building rating systems, including LEED v4, Living Building Challenge and Green Globes.

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Silicone roof coatings are known for their ability to provide excellent UV, water, and weathering resistance. This can make them a great choice for many low-slope roofs.Here's a look at the strengths of silicone roof coatings and the use cases they're best suited for.
Thermal insulation is an important part of commercial roofing assemblies. The aim of this article is to examine the factors influencing the thermal resistance, known as R-value of polyiso. The prediction of long term R-value and the influence of climate, i.e. temperature, have been of significant interest over the past few decades as building energy budgets have increased in importance. Recent discussions as to what R-value the designer should use and the importance of ambient temperature are reviewed and discussed.
Metal roofs are generally known for their low maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and a finish that protects them from sun and water damage. However, after many years, that finish may fade or deteriorate. Then the building owner must decide whether to restore or replace their roof.While there are some situations when replacement is necessary, metal roof restoration may be more accessible than many people think. And restoring your customers' metal roofs instead of replacing them could lower their overall costs while saving time and labor expenses for you.
Is thermal mass a lost art form after centuries of use in temperate regions?In building design, the thermal mass of a building enables it to store heat, providing "inertia" against temperature fluctuations. It reduces the impact of external daily temperature swings on internal heating and cooling requirements. This thermal inertia has been an on-off again topic of discussion for some time. Proponents of adding thermal inertia point to Mediterranean area buildings constructed with thick stone walls and ceramic tile floors etc. Such buildings have kept occupants cooler than lighter weight buildings in many temperate areas of the world for centuries. In the quest to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, further gains are becoming increasingly harder to come by.

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