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      Why EverGuard® Flexible T‑Joint Cover Patches?

      EverGuard® Flexible T-Joint Cover Patches are created from a proprietary TPO formulation engineered to work with EverGuard® TPO single-ply membranes. EverGuard® TPO T-Joint Cover Patches create a membrane seal over T-joints that arise when installing a 60- or 80-mil EverGuard® TPO system.
      EverGuard® TPO Flexible single-ply roofing system molded accessories provide roofing contractors an easy-to-install, factory-built detail. EverGuard® molded accessories are manufactured using a proprietary formulation designed for use with GAF’s EverGuard® TPO single-ply membranes. 


      Benefits of EverGuard® Flexible T-Joint Cover Patches include:
      • Cost Effective:  Reduces installed costs
      • Improved Reliability:  Factory-built accessories reduce risk of leaks and callbacks
      • Improved Aesthetics:  Uniform look

      Installation Options

      Applicable EverGuard® TPO Systems:

      • Mechanically Attached
      • Fully Adhered
      • Self-Adhered


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