GAF commercial roofing certified contractors using time-saving products on a flat white roof

Labor-saving solutions

GAF time-saving products and services help you finish more commercial roofing jobs faster.

GAF offers commercial roofing materials and solutions to help you reduce time on the roof

Contractor spraying EverGuard TPO Quick Spray Adhesive to save application time

Apply adhesive faster

than traditional GAF buckets and roller adhesives with EverGuard® TPO Quick Spray Adhesive Spray.
See Quick Spray
Commercial contractors using wide TPO rolls on roof to save time

Use 20% wider TPO rolls

12’-wide rolls of EverGuard® TPO compared to 10’-wide rolls to help reduce labor on large wide-open buildings.
See Everguard TPO
Rolls of PVC membranes by GAF are time-saving commercial roofing materials

Install PVC membrane in 2/3 the time

of traditional bucket and roller adhesives with EverGuard® PVC Quick-Lay Adhesive.*
See Everguard PVC
Contractor using GAF EnergyGuard NH Polyiso Insulation to make installation easier

Handle insulation more easily

with lightweight and easy-to-move Ultra HD Composite Insulation, which also eliminates the need for one full application of adhesive in adhered systems.
See Ultra HD
GAF contractor using United Coatings Roof-Shield fast-dry acrylic

Reduce the need for tear-offs

for structurally sound roofs. GAF liquid-applied roofing system solutions create a seamless barrier to weather elements and can be installed over most existing roof types.
See Coatings
Roofing contractors using membranes to save time over traditional bucket application

Install TPO membrane up to 60% faster

than traditional GAF buckets and roller adhesives with GAF EverGuard® SA TPO Self-Adhered roof membrane.*
See Self Adhered TPO
*Based on GAF Head-to-head testing under controlled Laboratory conditions

Don't Let Questions Delay Your Project: Get Start-to-Finish Support

Increase your productivity when you reach out to dedicated GAF teams, ready to provide the info you need, fast.
GAF regionalized service team member offering support to certified contractor

Step by Step

GAF manages several regionalized service teams, each staffed by highly trained professionals offering step-by-step support for the unique challenges you face in your community. GAF teams include: Building & Roofing Science, Customer Care and Support, Design Services, and Tapered Design Group.

Roofing tools to build productivity and generate leads.

We’ve developed powerful digital tools to help you increase productivity, find and manage leads, and connect with the talent you need to serve your customers. All designed with contractors in mind, to fit the way you work.
Contractor using GAF QuickMeasure on tablet to get commercial roof measurements

Commercial roof measurements

GAF QuickMeasure™ gives you commercial property roof measurements in under 24 hours. The service includes parapet wall length, height, and width; grid line paper included in buildings with 0 pitch; interactive 3D building renderings; DXF files to upload to CAD systems; and the ability to drop pins and select multiple buildings.

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