Why Ultra HD Composite Insulation?

A non-structural composite roofing panel comprised of a top layer of EnergyGuard HD cover board (80 psi) adhered with a high-tack adhesive to a second layer of EnergyGuard Ultra polyiso insulation (20 psi). Both components have CGF facers for increased durability and mold resistance.


  • FM Approved1 for fully adhered and mechanically attached systems
  • Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications, compatible with some solar arrays and photovoltaic systems2
  • Compatible with BUR, modified bitumen, and single-ply systems
  • Resistance to mold growth, meets the requirements of ASTM 3272

Consult RoofNav.com for specific assemblies.

2 Consult manufacturer for specific requirements.

  Weight Per 4' x 8' Pieces Per Bundle Weight Per Bundle LBS R-Value


22 lbs 24 528 11.1
2.5" 24.64 lbs 19 468.16 13.9
3.0" 27 lbs 16 432 16.9
3.5" 29 lbs 13 377 19.9
4.0" 32 lbs 12 384 23.0
4.5" 36 lbs 10 360 26.1
1/4" GYP 38-50 lbs 42 1596 min .2-.36
1/2 GYP" 64-88 lbs 30 1920 min .5-.56


Combines maximum durability with high thermal efficiency

When installed in accordance with manufacturers specifications, Ultra HD Composite insulation provides premium performance, improved moisture resistance, and enhanced durability against rooftop traffic and hail damage.

GAF warranties and guarantees do not provide coverage coverage against traffic except where GAF walkways are applied, or against hail except where additional puncture resistance coverage is purchased on eligible jobs. Refer to gaf.com for more information on warranty and guarantee coverage and restrictions.

Product Documentation

Ultra HD Composite Insulation

Traditional assembly vs Ultra HD Composite assembly

When compared to a traditional assembly, using Ultra HD Composite Insulation reduces a layer of insulation and application of adhesive, therefore saving costs on material, adhesive, and labor.


Lightweight, high thermal value, composite cover board allows for less panels installed and less adhesives used versus traditional assemblies with a cover board and polyiso.

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