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      Why EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulation?

      EnergyGuard™ Polyiso is a flat board made of glass fiber-reinforced (GRF) cellulosic felt facers bonded to a core of polyisocyanurate foam. EnergyGuard™ Polyiso is widely used in commercial construction for new and retrofit applications and is compatible with a large variety of roofing systems. To prevent thermal bridging, we recommend installing two layers of EnergyGuard with joints staggered.


      • System Approval Mod Bit, BUR, single ply, and ballasted
      • Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved
      • Evaluation Report UL ER1306-03
      • State of Florida Approved
      • FM Approved 4450/4470
      • Green Circle Certified For Recycled Content
      • UL 1256/790/263 Yes
      • ASTM C1289 Type II, Class 1 Grade 2 (20 psi) or Grade 3 (25 psi)
      • UL Class A over Combustible Decks* Cover board required
      • Canada Data Sheet - For Canadian EnergyGuard Polyiso Data Sheet click on docs button
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      *reference UL iQ for assembly details
      **California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Insulation Quality Standard License #


      EnergyGuard™ delivers high thermal value, moisture resistance, and dimensional stability to virtually all low-slope roofing systems.

      Energy Efficient

      Highest R value per inch compared to any other type of non polyiso insulation of equivalent thickness.

      Recycled Content

      Green Circle certified for recycled content. Offers potential LEED® credits for polyiso use.

      Easy to Install

      Lightweight and easy to cut in the field, making handling and installation easier and more efficient.

      EnergyGuard offers versatility, giving you multiple installation options to fit your specific roof system needs.

      Two layers of 2.6 inch EnergyGuard Polyiso insulation shown over a steel deck.

      Two layers of 2.6” EnergyGuard Polyiso over a steel deck reaches an R value of 30

      GAF contractor moving around two panels of lightweight EngeryGuard Polyiso Insulation.

      EnergyGuard polyiso is lightweight and easy to maneuver around a job site

      GAF contractor installing two layers of EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulation with adhesives.

      Installation of two layers of EnergyGuard polyiso with staggered joints helps to prevent thermal bridging

      GAF contractor installing TPO Self-Adhered Roof membrane over polyiso on a flat roof.

      EnergyGuard is compatible with a variety of single-ply roofing systems including TPO shown here.

      Multiple contractors adding EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulation on top of an older flat roof in a retrofit construction.

      EnergyGuard is ideal for retrofit construction when a roof is being replaced and additional thermal value is needed.

      GAF contractors loading a large load of EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulation while standing on metal roof.

      EnergyGuard is ideal for new construction and is compatible with a variety of decks including metal, wood and concrete.

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