Commercial Chairman

Building a Higher Standard Together

Commercial contractors on a flat roof with GAF roofing materials

To be the best, you must work with the best.

The GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle defines a partnership based on shared business commitment, reputation, loyalty, capability, and philanthropy. The following businesses have proven their excellence in the low-slope, commercial roofing industry.


GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle contractors install hundreds of thousands of roofing squares annually, handling jobs of various size and complexity


GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle contractors complete an overwhelming majority of roofing projects with high inspection rates and minimal punch list items


GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle contractors constantly pursue growth opportunities, exploring new methods for designing and installing successful roof systems
John Altmeyer, CEO of GAF

Welcome to the Circle

“Throughout my career in commercial roofing, nothing has inspired me more than the outstanding character and quality of the people in this industry. We are so thankful for your confidence in GAF and wish to show our appreciation for your business in 2023.”

John Altmeyer


GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle Members

GAF has invited the following commercial contractors into this exclusive membership. We list them based on their primary location, but many of them operate nationally. Contact them directly to learn more about their areas of operation and specialties.

United States


Cano Roofing –  Chihuahua, CI

CUBIMSA –  Chihuahua, CI

2023 GAF Commercial Chairman's Circle Award for Commercial Roofing Excellence

Great success builds high expectations

Invitation into – and continued membership within – the GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle Program comes with high expectations that befit a successful commercial roofing business. Talk to your Territory Manager to find out how your business can meet and maintain GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle standards.