EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation

EnergyGuard™ Polyiso is a flat board made of glass fiber-reinforced (GRF) cellulosic felt facers bonded to a core of polyisocyanurate foam. EnergyGuard™ Polyiso is widely used in commercial construction for new and retrofit applications and is compatible with a large variety of roofing systems. To prevent thermal bridging, we recommend installing two layers of EnergyGuard with joints staggered.


  • System Approval Mod Bit, BUR, single ply, and ballasted
  • Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved
  • Evaluation Report UL ER1306-03
  • State of Florida Approved
  • FM Approved 4450/4470
  • UL 1256/790/263 Yes
  • ASTM C1289 Type II, Class 1 Grade 2 (20 psi) or Grade 3 (25 psi)
  • UL Class A over Combustible Decks* Cover board required
  • For Canada approvals and Data Sheet see Product Documentation Section
  • *reference UL iQ for assembly details

    **California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Insulation Quality Standard License # **California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Insulation Quality Standard License #

    Features & Benefits

    EnergyGuard™ delivers high thermal value, moisture resistance, and dimensional stability to virtually all low-slope roofing systems.

    Product Documentation

    EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation

    Spec Advisor for Green Building Rating Systems

    A quick look at systems that meet LEED® and Living Building Challenge™ certifications by using EnergyGuard™ and other GAF components.
    EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation

    GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle Contractors

    The GAF Commercial Chairman’s Circle recognizes exceptional contractors in the commercial roofing industry. Each year, GAF invites contractor businesses to join this key partnership based on shared business commitment, reputation, loyalty, capability, and philanthropy.

    EnergyGuard™ offers versatility, giving you multiple installation options to fit your specific roof system needs.

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