Hail weather damage in residential neighborhood
Be first to the door after the storm

Residential weather data and hail report maps

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Example interactive hail map for roofing contractors

Hail and wind swaths for residential neighborhoods

When severe weather affects your area, be prepared to serve and grow your customer base with this easy-to-use, all in-one weather tool.

Identify potential steep slope leads

See and print detailed hail and wind swaths to strategically dispatch your sales team to impacted residential areas.

Plan residential jobs with confidence

Use up-to-the-minute forecasts provided by Predictive Sales AI.

Help close sales with homeowners

Use detailed 3-year address reports and storm-specific swath maps to help communicate with homeowners and insurance companies.
Map of neighborhood showing GAF WeatherHub advanced roof warranty information

GAF Enhanced Warranty Notifications¹ now available to qualifying GAF WeatherHub subscribers

GAF Master Elite® and GAF CertifiedTM Contractors with a GAF WeatherHub subscription will receive an email notification when a roof for which they registered a GAF Golden Pledge, Silver Pledge or System Plus limited warranty is in an area that recently experienced 60 mph or greater winds and/or 1+ inch size hail.
1Notifications are provided for informational purposes only and do not mean that a roof has experienced damage or that a homeowner is interested in roofing services.

Subscription fees for steep-slope roofing

Why spend money on a single storm swath when you can have a full year of unlimited access for a flat fee? Your GAF WeatherHub subscription includes popular forecasting tools, as well as unlimited reports.

 Contractor Type  Price
  • GAF Master Elite® Contractor


  • GAF Certified™ Contractor
  • Not certified by GAF

*First license includes up to 3 users. Each additional license is $120/year.

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