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      The reliability of TPO with added protection of fleece-back

      GAF EverGuard® Fleece-Back TPO combines the cost-effective performance of single-ply TPO with the durability of a fleece-back membrane. Plus, you have the ability to install directly onto an existing roof system.
      GAF certified contractor on flat commercial roof using TPO material calculator on a tablet

      TPO Material Calculator

      Calculate the amount of EverGuard® Fleece-Back TPO needed for your project.

      Enhanced performance with labor-saving installation

      Deliver exceptional durability to address hail, foot traffic, and other impacts.*


      Increased thickness stands up to foot traffic and other impacts*


      Provides protection against severe hail*


      Membrane can be installed over existing roof systems to save time and labor
      *GAF warranties and guarantees do not provide coverage except where GAF walkways are applied, or coverage against hail or other impact. See applicable guarantee or warranty, available at gaf.com, for complete coverage and restrictions. Hail or puncture resistance coverage may be available for purchase for eligible systems. Contact GAF for more information.

      Save time, labor, and materials

      EverGuard® Fleece-Back TPO eliminates the need for certain components from installation.

      Use less products, save more time - use fleece-back

        EPS Mechanically
      Mechanically attached
      slip sheet 
      Mechanically Attached EverGuard®
      Fleece-Back TPO  
      EverGuard® Fleece-Back TPO with
      low-rise foam 
       Insulation Fastener & Plate    
       Separater Sheet    
       Membrane fastener plate    
       Membrane Adhesive 
       Membrane ✓
       Accessories   ✓ 

      Watch Dave and Wally reroof using Fleeceback TPO over Mod-Bit

      Dave and Wally from GAF’s “Roofing it Right” series perform a reroof using mechanically attached Fleece-back TPO over Mod-Bit.

      See how it compares

      Compared to traditional installation methods, EverGuard® Fleece-Back TPO can save you significant time and labor on the roof by allowing installation to an existing system.

      See the installation speed and efficiency of fleece-back TPO

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