Dave and Wally, GAF's commercial roofing installation experts on top of a flat roof

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Meet Dave and Wally

Dave Scott and Wally Brown each bring more than 35 years of low-slope roofing experience to GAF’s “Roofing it Right” video series. They are low slope roofing pros who bring three important tools to every job: knowledge, ingenuity, and a sense of humor.

Meet Dave Scott | The Company We Keep by GAF Roofing

Meet Dave Scott, our Senior Commercial Specialist.

Meet Wally Brown | The Company We Keep by GAF Roofing

Meet Wally Brown, our Senior Commercial Installation Specialist.

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Whether you want to become a roofer, are an established roofing pro heading for certification, or want quality training for your crews, CARE training is available in person and virtually, where and when you want it.
Chino and Mitos, GAF Roofing Spanish training experts

Vea Roofing it Right en español

Conozca a Chino Alvarado y Erasmo “Mitos” Fuentes, expertos en capacitación del Centro para el Avance de la Excelencia en Techos (Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, CARE) de GAF. Chino y Mitos aportan décadas de experiencia en techado para crear la versión en español de la serie de videos “Roofing It Right” de GAF.