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GAF - A Roof Overhead
Promo for GAF'S Timberline shingles.
GAF - Big Future
It’s a big world out there; but as long as she’s under your roof, we’ll help you keep her safe and dry. We’re GAF. We make Timberline shingles. America’s Favorite roof!
Dog Tricks "Everyone Wants a Timberline Roof" GAF Commercial
**Permission to upload this commercial on my YouTube Channel (JustJesse197) given from GAF Roofing** Jesse stars in Part 3 of the GAF Roofing Commercials "Everyone Wants a Timberline Roof". Jesse and I had so much fun filming this commercial and love the idea =o) This commercial was filmed in New Jersey. Can't get enough Jesse? Follow all of his adventures on Instagram & Facebook!: Jesse is taught using exclusively positive reinforcement and relationship-based training. Find out more on his Official Website: Special Thanks to GAF Roofing for permission to upload this Commercial on Jesse's Channel (JustJesse197) ***If you are the producer of this commercial, and would like it removed, please contact us and we will take it down.***
Join The Crew - GAF Roofing
If you like to work outdoors … If you don’t want a lot of bosses over you … If you’re tough enough … join a crew. Be a roofer. You don’t need a fancy degree. They’ll pay you to train, and you’ll earn a good buck. Enough to raise a family, and have a secure future. So join the crew. There’s pride in roofing. It’s you and your crew working together to get a hard job done. And hey. Everyone needs a roof. And the crew needs you. There’s a shortage of roofers. Come and meet the crew. Stick with it and someday, you could become a Master Roofer with a crew of your own. It’s your future. Start building it today.

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