Roof Shingle Color Trends for 2022

By Annie Crawford 05-19-2022
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Roofing renovations were a top exterior upgrade in 2021, and continue to dominate the home improvement market in 2022. As you might plan to renovate or replace your roof, it makes sense to also think about what roof shingle color you should choose.

The right roof shingle color can improve your home's resale value. Plus, it can impact both your future home design decisions (like exterior paint color) and your happiness (hey, the National Realtors Association Joy Score is a real thing).

Fortunately, choosing a shingle color doesn't have to be overwhelming. With all the great colors trending, plus free online tools like the GAF virtual remodeler, choosing a new shingle color can be fun and easy. Here's what you should know.

Shingle Trends for 2022

From neutral tones to eco-influence to statement-making color blends, there's something for everyone in the 2022 shingle color trends.

Neutral Tones

Neutral shingles do not mean boring. In fact, the subtle color variations in shingle colors like brown or gray are downright beautiful. One example is Timberline HDZ in Weathered Wood, which is one of GAF's most popular neutral shingles. The brown colors on this architectural shingle range from light to dark, so it complements a range of home styles and exterior paint colors.

If your exterior paint has cool color tones, consider light or dark gray shingles. For exterior paint with warm tones, light or dark browns are typically complementary.

Not surprisingly, neutrals are also trending as showcase 2022 colors of the year for popular home paint companies. Examples include neutrals like Sherwin-Williams gray-green Evergreen Fog and Benjamin Moore's beige-pale green October Mist.

Of course, neutral tones are popular because they're practical. They provide you style flexibility and can draw higher resale values if you're planning to sell. One reason neutrals rocked the top shingle colors of 2021 and continue to trend in 2022 is their versatile and classic good looks.

Bold Earth Tones

In 2022, big color blends that play with nature-inspired tones are on trend. Thanks to the unique design of GAF architectural asphalt shingles, homeowners can choose a roof with shingles that alternate in color, offering dynamic variation and a subtle pop while still creating a cohesive overall look. If your exterior paint is neutral and you are looking to add more contrast and interest to your curb appeal, using a shingle color like Cedar Falls from the Timberline HDZ® Harvest Blend collection could be the perfect selection.

Classic Black

Black shingles are trending, as a result of the ongoing popularity of the modern farmhouse look and the increasing accessibility of solar shingles.

A white house with black trim and black roof shingles is hard to beat. The timeless combination works with a range of home architectural styles, from traditional to modern.

Even better, are new, black solar shingles that fit solar technology inside without compromising aesthetic appeal. One example are the black Timberline Solar™ nailable solar shingles. These streamlined shingles disappear from sight against a black-tone shingle such as Timberline Solar HDZ® in Charcoal. Eco-friendly roofs are in high demand from buyers.

Why Shingle Color is Important

More and more homeowners are getting interested in home design and style. Your shingle colors play a big role in how your home presents and its curb appeal. Shingle color choice can potentially impact your home's resale value, future home renovations decisions, and even your personal happiness.

Remember to choose a shingle color with the bigger picture in mind. For example, if new exterior paint is in your home's future, select shingle colors that will complement future paint colors. Or, if an upcoming porch add-on is intended to modernize an older home, an updated style of shingle will lend itself to that vision.

With the right shingle paired with the right color roof, your home may have a higher market value in an upcoming home sale. If you plan to sell in the near future, keep your color choices neutral, to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

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