FlexSeal™ Caulk Grade Sealant

FlexSeal Caulk Grade Sealant

FlexSeal™ Caulk Grade Sealant

Why FlexSeal™ Caulk Grade Sealant?

FlexSeal™ Caulk Grade Sealant is an extremely flexible, durable, and UV resistant sealant. It will not chalk, crack, or peel and is ideal for termination bar, railing, step flashings, or edge metal.


  • Durable and UV resistant; will not chalk, crack, or peel.
  • Joint movement capability maximum ± 25%.
  • Bonds to multiple substrates, including metal, copper, concrete, wood, asphalt shingles, SBS, APP, EPDM, BUR, TPO, and PVC.
  • Coatable.


FlexSeal™ Caulk Grade Sealant is designed for use on TPO, metal, plywood, concrete, wood, composites, masonry, and asphaltic shingles. It is especially designed for use in any application where elastomeric caulks are required, like term bar applications or around clamping rings at penetrations. FlexSeal™ Caulk Grade Sealant may be used for cold weather applications provided that the material is stored properly and the substrate is dry prior to application.

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