About EverGuard® and Everguard® Extreme TPO Split Pipe Boots

Increase efficiency when covering pipes with factory-built EverGuard® and EverGuard® Extreme TPO Split Pipe Boots. Split pipe boots have an opening that can wrap around pipes and conduits where closed boots cannot be used. Split pipe boots come with stainless steel clamping rings for the top of the penetration. Three standard sizes are available (see size details below) and you can contact your local GAF representative for custom sizes.

GAF TPO accessories can help you reduce installation costs, risk of leaks, and callbacks, while helping you create a uniform look. Preformed accessories may be installed on mechanically attached, fully adhered, or self-adhered EverGuard® and EverGuard® Extreme TPO roofing systems, using conventional techniques. GAF manufactures these accessories from its proven, durable EverGuard® and EverGuard® Extreme TPO single-ply reinforced 45-mil membrane.

Available Diameters:
- 1" (25 mm) – 2" (51 mm)
- 3" (76 mm) – 5" (127 mm)
- 6" (152 mm) – 8" (203 mm)

Product Documentation

EverGuard® and EverGuard® Extreme TPO Split Pipe Boots

How to Install a TPO Split Pipe Boot

In this episode of GAF's Roofing It Right Series, Dave & Wally provide an overview of EverGuard® Split Pipe Boot and walk us through the steps for effectively fitting and installing this accessory around rooftop pipe penetrations. This includes tips and techniques on proper base attachments, welding angle changes to prevent voids, and steps for welding the base to the TPO membrane on the deck.
EverGuard® and EverGuard® Extreme TPO Split Pipe Boots

Split Pipe Boot Detail

Watch an installation overview of GAF Drawing #524 Split Pipe Boot Detail for EverGuard TPO/PVC Single-Ply Roofing Systems.
EverGuard® and EverGuard® Extreme TPO Split Pipe Boots

Overview of TPO Roofing Accessories

Dave and Wally provide a basic introduction to the range TPO roofing accessories that can help make detail installation more efficient and effective.

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