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4.0 (49)

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Contractor reviews from customers on Google

  • "Very professional, on time, the crew that this the installation left the yard impeccable clean. I am very satisfied with the job. I highly recommend this service , palm Coast area"

    - A.R, May 8, 2022

  • "From the initial contact and quote by Elmer Campos thru the installation till completion pro Roofing & Assoc were professional, personable, knowledgeable and responsive. I especially want to acknowledge and thank Rosa Expesito for her patience and consideration. There was no request we made of her that was too difficult to fulfill. Rosa made the whole experience wonderful for my wife & myself. I will recommend Pro Roof & Assoc to all my family & friends."

    - B.B, Apr 28, 2022

  • ""Thank youuuu to Pro Roofing & Associates for the great job roofing my home. I would highly recommend this Company. I am very pleased with my new roof!"

    - D.L, Apr 19, 2022

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4.0 (49)

Google Reviews

Contractor reviews from customers on Google

  • "Very professional, on time, the crew that this the installation left the yard impeccable clean. I am very satisfied with the job. I highly recommend this service , palm Coast area"

    - A.R.

  • "From the initial contact and quote by Elmer Campos thru the installation till completion pro Roofing & Assoc were professional, personable, knowledgeable and responsive. I especially want to acknowledge and thank Rosa Expesito for her patience and consideration. There was no request we made of her that was too difficult to fulfill. Rosa made the whole experience wonderful for my wife & myself. I will recommend Pro Roof & Assoc to all my family & friends."

    - B.B.

  • ""Thank youuuu to Pro Roofing & Associates for the great job roofing my home. I would highly recommend this Company. I am very pleased with my new roof!"

    - D.L.

  • "Shows up before hand on time given and ready to go very trustworthy. I have cameras installed in and out the house they are not aware of and very trust worthy people will not do you wrong ! Highly recommend company and the quality is there!"

    - J.G.

  • "Very professional, they did a great job on fixing and repairing my roof and they did it pretty quickly as well. They had great communication with me and i would definitely hire them again 10/10"

    - O.G.

  • "I used this company to replace my roof recently. The price was right and everything was done as they told me at the beginning. I recommended their service to my neighbors and the are happy with their estimate. good quality and service"

    - F.R.

  • "Very professional customer they started and finished it as promised I hardly recommend this roofing company"

    - J.G.

  • "The Company does not honor it's warranty liability. if something goes wrong after ward, Good luck! if you write report to BBB they don't care !!!!! but I still submit to BBB lettings the world knows helping them to avoid the problem later. I had roof replacement with Pro roofing & Associate on 5/4/2018 . They failed inspection twice with some nails issue had to correct from the beginning. Since the roof had done, one time we saw very small drop in the closet but thought the rain was so hard the wind might blow the water through the vent on the roof because we just had new roof and we trusted in their work, no way it can be leak. The leak was in the closet very small, no one pay attention and in the small closet with all the cloths hang in there, no one see it. Recently, my daughter saw the wet and we look up the ceiling was damage, that must be a long time wet to get that damage. I contacted Pro Roofing and they promptly returned to fix the leak in the roof where the nail sticking out, but not the damage to the ceiling over the closet. It is a little pass 3 years but the nail stick out must be from the beginning. they have problem with nail, that's why they fail the inspection twice with nails issue. When I called to the office, she said you need to speak with Elmer, we hire him to do the work we don't know. I said, I don't know who is Elmer, I just know I sign the contract and paid to Pro roofing company, I don't know who is the subcontractor you hired, your company is responsibility for the work. Later I find out Elmer is the owner. Every day I called, she said the other employee is not in the office, will call me back, or Elmer will call you back, no one ever did and been given a daily run-around. I read the company reviews, there are so many leaks and no luck with warranty. Stay far away from this company. Please read lots of complaint reviews on Yelp and Home advisor"

    - V.N.

  • "Needed a new torch down/adhesive style roof put on our home. Not every roofing company can do those, but they did a wonderful job and were very clear about cost and timeline. Everything was on schedule and the workers were very professional and the service by their inside staff(Luz) in particular was wonderful!"

    - A.K.

  • "There's a reason that there are multiple reviews saying the same thing about this company. I contracted Pro Roofing and Associates to handle 2 re-roofs on two of my investment properties. They gave a good initial quote and did the work. After the work was complete, they sent an INSANE bill for wood on each property. The contract and estimate state that they will contact you if there's any deviation from the quote, i.e.-needing plywood. They didn't contact me both times, and just did the work. They charged me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE for wood without getting my authorization. What's worse is they didn't have sufficient pictures to account for the wood. Trying to contact this company is a NIGHTMARE. In my opinion this is the type of things dishonest and shady companies do. In my opinion you would be doing yourself a favor by staying far away from this company. There are plenty reputable companies that do honest business."

    - A.H.

  • "Maybe something has changed with this company they will scam you and Pad your bill by pulling out as much wood as possible even sheets with just a little bit of water stain, as well as straight wood in order to make a higher profit. You need to watch them like a hawk and tell them up front you need to approve all wood to be removed or replaced. Or expect another 2K or more added easily. Excuses they will use is wood is not straight wood is rotting or is bad with stains on both sides when they cannot even see the underside of the wood in the first place and also finally they need to get it pass inspection. Best of luck finding the least of all the scamming roofers."

    - G.D.

  • "Pro Roofing Staff and Installers, I wanted to write you and thank you for the professional work on the tear off and installation of my roof. From the staff that guided me through all the necessary documents and scheduling the work including the installers that tore off and installed the new roof. I do not think that I could have found any other company that I would be more pleased. The roof looks beautiful, and several of the neighbors came by and complemented me on how good the roof looked. I thanked them and told them all I did was research the different roofing companies and chose Pro Roofing & Associates, Inc. to install my roof. From the start of the work to the end everyone was professional. Those guys really work hard and are proud of their workmanship. I know this to be true, I just happened to be outside, and I saw one of the installers pull a shingle out of the bale he looked at it and discarded that shingle because he saw something about the way it looked, he did not like. My hat off to you sir! Most people would have just nailed the shingle down anyway regardless of the shingle being flawed. I knew from that moment that I was going to be pleased with the roof when it was completed. They all paid attention to detail and did professional workmanship. They did an excellent job, from start to finish the debris from the tear off was cleaned up no mess was left, other than the new roof you wouldn’t know they were ever there. I could not be more pleased with my new roof, and I cannot thank you enough for the professional job."

    - M.H.

  • "I had a real bad experience right now 1st on time did the job perfect. But after I started having a leak and I thought it was mine doing it's boring but not it's from the roof. I called them about 10 times they will call me back I still hear waiting. Plan it to get a lawyer or call the news. Really disappointment Unbelievable. And you can see inside a room ceiling and the bathroom in the kitchen ."

    - F.C.

  • "I would rate this company 5 stars if it were not for a problem communicating with customers. The actual installation , care in protecting driveway, and clean up are first rate. But lack of English , returning calls and reliance on interactive software cause miscommunication and a customer wondering why there is a problem."

    - J.H.

  • "Thank you all involved! Great job! We were quoted the re-roof by Freddie. He was very timely in returning calls and helpful explaining the differences in materials. His quote was not the lowest but not far above that and most other quotes were lots higher. We had completed all of the prep work ourselves...removing ALL of the old roofing and replacing all of the rotten or damaged roof boards ourselves and had only tar paper on the boards to protect from rain. They told us it would be 4-6 weeks after signing contract as they were extremely busy. When we asked at the 3.5 week point when it was scheduled we were told 4 more weeks. We said we can’t wait that much longer as only tar paper was on it. Freddie got right back to us that day and we had a new roof 4 days later! He said he knew it couldn’t wait and the office did not quite understand the problem. Now when it comes to the actual workers, they arrived on time both days and were always friendly and conscientious with the work and keeping the nails and scrap picked upand did not damage any landscape. The boss was Domingo. His knowledge of 30+ years and polite and happy attitude was extraordinarily nice in this crazy world today where everyone is just doing a job and can’t take time to 😃 smile. We are extremely happy with the work and professional and timely manner, it was performed. Have already shared their name with 2 other families that are in need of new roofs. Thank you to all!"

    - P.D.

  • "Very professional. Great customer service. We got several estimates and none could come close to Pro Roofing. Fast quality work and immaculate clean up."

    - M.R.

  • "BE VERY CAREFUL! LOW ESTIMATE TO GET YOUR BUSINESS THEN EXTREME PRICE GOUGING ON WOOD/supplies! Got 3 estimates from 3 roofing companies. Picked pro roofing - as the guy seemed professional, and estimate details/outlined sounded fair and was the middle of the 3 price ranges. They gave us a 2650$ fee plus itemized 60$ per sheet of plywood to fix a small flat roof making it have a pitch. Only one piece of plywood was damaged, but they stated when they got here they had to replace them all -- Ok. Understandable to put the pitch on the roof. Well, after signing the bid and contract, they never called back for a month. We kept calling, they finally said we were waiting for the permit. Then, they never called after that to schedule. So we called and called. Then they just called back leaving a message saying"roofers will be there day after tomor at 730am". That doesn't work - because we work. So we asked to schedule on one of our days off. They didn't call back for 2 weeks. Finally, we were able to schedule another date that worked. They said "This is only a 3 hour job, so they will be there between noon and 2". We Waited all day, they never showed. I Called them around 230. She says "Oh they want to reschedule because it might rain this afternoon". So again they couldn't give us a date yet. They finally called a few days later, got the 3rd new date saying " they will be there between 12 and 2". My husband said "I have been waiting for 3 days for a call back and this is not going to work. The last time it was for 12-2pm you all were a no show no call. You told us originally 730am would be the job start time and the noon-2 won't work. So they agreed to come at 730. The "3 hour " job took from 740am-430-5pm... and they weren't finished. Had to have inspection done next day before they could lay the tar paper and rolled asphalt down, which took another 3 hrs or so. Well, they left garbage from supplies in our yard, they left their cigarette butts all over the yard, a roofing nail in the driveway and a construction razor blade in grass where my husband parks. Thank goodness I walked around driveway before backing my car out of garage or the nail would have been in my tire. I am not the woman who wants to change a tire on the side of the road at dark when I leave for work at 545am. They asked to borrow a saw, theirs broke. And then some tools to fix a "bad" tire on one of their trucks, Then to borrow a ladder the 2nd day. To top it all off - their pricing for wood as follows: Sheet of plywood 60$ (reasonable) Each 2x4 x 8' 40$ each!!! Yes, 40$ each (1200$ for 30 2x4s--- not kidding! 40$ for each 1x2" -- yep --- and they only agreed to negotiate down the price of the 1x2"s... Who price gouges that much and gets away with it??? We will NEVER USE THEM AGAIN.... WE CERTAINLY PRAY WE WONT NEED THEM FOR ANY Warranty issues as I have heard (only after day one when it was too late) they don't hold up their warranty by not returning phone calls, not scheduling warranty visits/repairs etc... WE WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM AND WILL DISCOURAGE ANYONE WE EVER SPEAK TO WHO MENTIONS THEY ARE HAVING ROOF WORK DONE OR NEED A ROOFING COMPANY! Shady shawdy business!"

    - R.O.

  • "Beware. They provide low estimate to get work and overcharge on the wood and nails. Overall. Decent work. Just make sure to be there when work is done and account for all materials used."

    - W.H.

  • "Over all the completion of the job was great. Communication on the other hand was horrible. They would call, text or email frequently, with in minutes, up until signing the contract. I signed and its like I was forgotten about. I didnt hear back form scheduling for almost 3 weeks. I emailed and called with no response. We were finally given a date, witch was subject to change depending on weather or prior job set back(totally understandable). Upon the day that they were supposed to start the job, which was confirmed the day prior that the workers would be at my home by 730am, they were a no show. I emailed them. No response. When I called I was told that they were running behind schedule. Totally understandable but it would have been nice to have been notified of the delay rather than them just not being there as I was told that they would... We are happy with the overall job but my personal opinion is that if you are going to have someone pay multiple thousands of dollars for a job, the least the office can do is maintain a good form of communication."

    - L.B.

  • "I had 5 quotes for the replacement of my homes roof. Freddy was the sales representative that I worked with. Of all the sales people I interviewed and obtained a quote from for my roof replacement; Freddy, was the most professional and patient sales person I've ever met. I felt confident that the company he represented was a great organization to work with. I informed all the sales people that I had some knowledge about roofing replacement and simply requested that I be provided with there best quote for the product I knew I wanted to purchase. Pro Roofing was the second best quote. I made a visit to their Sanford office to review the shingle colors. I was assisted by Joey Padilla and asked what the price difference would be for the upgraded shingles I had selected. I was informed that the price difference was $9.00 a square. I asked the same question to the other company that was a distant second roofing company that I may have considered, what the price would have been with upgraded shingles. I was informed that the cost for the new quote would be an additional amount of $2,000.00. I made the best decision by selecting Pro Roofing for my roof replacement. The crew did everything that was agreed to in the contract. I highly recommend this organization for any roofing project needs anyone may have."

    - M.B.

  • "Pro Roofing did the roof on my commercial building and my home in 2018. They did an excellent job. Both roofs made it through hurricane Dorian with no issues. Elmer, took very good care of us, when the wind blew some glue back on our building during installation and he made it right. He also just came out to check my roof at home for leaks during this pandemic, because I saw pink spots on ceiling.. turned out to be my kids had thrown a slime critter on ceiling n later marks can appear pink. I appreciate them always responding to any issue. Great customer service! I would highly recommend them for any commercial or residential job. My neighbors had originally recommended them to me. They all had used them for their new roofs, had no issues and felt they do a high quality job. I feel the same... 👍"

    - E

  • "Quality and service are both important to me, and the team at Pro Roofing was great at both. As an out of state landlord, it was important to me that they communicated effectively so I could coordinate with the renters. The team did a great job keeping us all in the loop. They were also good about promptly answering my questions before I signed the contract. And the work passed the wind mitigation inspection with flying colors."

    - L.G.

  • "We had a leak in our roof. They replied to my messages promptly, and were here fast! They went up in bad weather, and fixed the leak right away. They also recommended some needed repairs. Excellent, and professional service with fair pricing. 👍🏽"

    - C.M.

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