Aerial image of Master Flow Roof Vents with closeup off an off-ridge exhaust vent

Master Flow® Off-Ridge Exhaust Vents

Every roof is unique. GAF has the product to meet your ventilation needs.
Side by side of gable roof design, best for ridge vents, and hip roof design, best for Master Flow vents

The difference between GAF Cobra® and Master Flow® attic exhaust vents

Whatever style of roof you’re working with, GAF has a ventilation product for the job. For a simple gable roof design with ample ridge line, Cobra® ridge ventilation products are most suitable. For hips, dormers, valleys or more complex roof designs with little or no ridge area, reach for Master Flow® off-ridge vents.
Four GAF Master Flow off-ridge vent products

Benefits of Master Flow® off-ridge exhaust vents

When installed in a properly balanced attic ventilation system, Master Flow® Attic Exhaust Ventilation Products allow damaging heat and moisture to escape from the attic1. Plus, Master Flow® Attic Exhaust Ventilation Products are eligible for coverage under GAF enhanced warranties when installed by a contractor certified by GAF2 in connection with a qualifying roofing system3.

Types of off-ridge exhaust vents

GAF offers several types of Master Flow® Attic Exhaust Ventilation products to fit the needs of your project1.

Power Attic vents

Powered by electricity, controlled by thermostat, humidistat/thermostat or Wi-Fi to help reduce heat and moisture in the attic. Available hardwired or plug-in.

Solar ATTIC Vents

Powered by the sun to help attic heat and moisture escape without the electricity costs associated with operating an electric-powered vent.

Static ATTIC Vents

Rely on natural convection to let rising hot air escape the attic. Typically this is a very economical ventilation option.

Mechanical ATTIC Vents

Powered by the wind to help pull excess heat and moisture from the attic, these vents will act as static vents when no wind is present.

Featured Master Flow® Attic Exhaust Vents

GAF offers a wide range of off-ridge exhaust ventilation products. Highlighted below are among our most popular power, solar, static and mechanical roof vents.

Master Flow EZ Cool Plug-in Power Attic Vent in black

Master Flow EZ Cool™ Plug-in Power Attic Vent

Roof mount power attic vent that conveniently plugs into a 110v electrical outlet in the attic.


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Master Flow GreenMachine High-Power Solar Roof Vent

Master Flow® GreenMachine High-Power Solar Roof Vent - PRSOLAR2

Low-profile vent with integrated solar panel uses the sun’s power to help reduce heat/moisture in the attic.

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Master Flow Super Slant-Back Roof Louver, a static Attic Vent

Master Flow® Super Slant-Back Roof Louver - SSB960

Slant-back style roof vent that allows heat/moisture to escape the attic. Available with optional weather filter.


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Master Flow Aluminum Wind Turbine, a mechanical attic vent

Master Flow® Aluminum Wind Turbines

Aluminum turbine with stainless dual-bearing system uses the wind to pull heat and moisture from the attic. Galvanized models also available.


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1Always have a balanced ventilation system consisting of both intake and exhaust ventilation. In no case should the amount of exhaust ventilation at or near the ridge exceed the amount of intake ventilation at or near the soffit. Consult local building codes for specific ventilation requirements in your area. Visit for further details.

2 Contractors enrolled in GAF certification programs are not employees or agents of GAF, and GAF does not control or otherwise supervise these independent businesses. Contractors may receive benefits, such as loyalty rewards points and discounts on marketing tools from GAF for participating in the program and offering GAF enhanced warranties, which require the use of a minimum amount of GAF products.

3 See GAF System Plus, Silver Pledge, and Golden Pledge® Limited Warranties for complete coverage and restrictions. When not eligible for coverage under GAF enhanced warranties, see Master Flow® Ventilation Products Limited Warranty, Master Flow® Powered Ventilation Products Limited Warranty or Master Flow® Wi-fi Attic Vent Limited Warranty (depending on product) for complete coverage and restrictions.


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Selecting the right attic exhaust vent for the job

To get all the benefits of attic ventilation, a balanced system is necessary. See how Master Flow® off-ridge vents can help provide effective exhaust ventilation in a balanced attic ventilation system1.

How much attic ventilation do I need?