Time-Tested TPO Performance

When you choose TPO from GAF, you’re installing performance that’s proven to stand the test of time.

Proven Performance — An Aged TPO Field Study

A recent study of EverGuard® TPO roofs installed between 8 and 16 years ago found they all performed above ASTM standards for newly manufactured TPO.

Real World Performance of a TPO Membrane

Much of our understanding of TPO durability has been based on predictive models and laboratory tests. Since some TPO roofs in the United States have now been in service for more than 20 years, it’s time to test real-time TPO performance. GAF has acquired and analyzed membrane samples from roofs across the United States and studied thickness over scrim, surface cracking, and the ability to repair aging TPO membranes. 8- to 16- year old TPO roofs in this study are performing well and in most instances, meeting the current ASTM D6878-19 requirements for new membranes.


Every building tells a story

Every roof endures a unique combination of weather events. By studying the individual lifecycles of a wide variety of EverGuard® TPO roofs, from all across the United States, we’ve gained valuable insight into the long-term durability you should be able to expect from your TPO roof.

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By Jennifer Keegan, AAIA and James R. Kirby, AIA, as presented at the IIBEC Convention 2020