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      • Pre-Primed Aluminum:  Allows for easy painting to match your siding for a neat finished look.
      • Versatile:  Available in various sizes to match all WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding shingles.
      • Weather-Resistant:  Each corner provides weather-resistant protection at one end of each siding course.
      9" Corners (For Profile 9" shingles)
      Sizes, Nominal3” x 9” ( 76.2 mm x 229 mm)
      12" Corners (For Profile 12" & Purity shingles)
      Sizes, Nominal3-1/4” x 12” (83 mm x 305 mm)
      14" Corners (For Profile 14" shingles)
      Sizes, Nominal3-1/4 x 14- 3/8" (83 mm x 371.48 mm)
      Emphasis™ Corners (For Emphasis™ shingles)
      Sizes, Nominal3-1/4 x 15-1/2" (83 mm x 394 mm)

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