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      Why StormSafe Anchor Sheet?

      StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet’s woven fabric creates a tough, durable reinforcement and its polypropylene coating makes it suitable for many applications. 

      StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet is alkaline resistant, making it suitable for use over lightweight insulating concrete systems. The tough woven fabric makes it extremely tear resistant. In addition, the polypropylene coating ensures a good bond with both the butyl-adhesive of Freedom™ membranes and the SBS modified adhesive of LIBERTY™ SA Base/Ply and LIBERTY™ Cap membranes.  

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      Benefits of StormSafe Anchor Sheet include:
      • System guarantees are available for up to 20 years
      • Adds less than 1.3 lb. per sq. to the system
      • Woven fabric provides superior tear strength and excellent dimensional stability

      Installation Options

      • Install mechanically over approved roofing substrates using acceptable fasteners that include galvanized nails with 1-inch integral heads or Drill-Tec™ fasteners and plates in accordance with applicable specifications.
      • StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet should be applied with the beige color on top (weather side) and white color coating towards the deck side.
      • Suitable substrates include: plywood, OSB, acceptable EnergyGuard™ Insulations, and lightweight insulating concrete

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