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      Why MATRIX 204 Wet/Dry Roof Cement?

      A general purpose, asbestos-free formulation for wet-weather repair of roof leaks, this product has unique water displacing characteristics, which ensure superior bonding to both wet and dry substrates and surfaces. 

      The heavy, “trowel-grade” consistency makes this product ideal for flashing details and a variety of roofing and waterproofing repairs such as moving joints and roof penetrations where its flexibility and elasticity make it superior to standard plastic cements. It contains a special additive that actually displaces water from wet surfaces to create a tight seal and its easy application makes it excellent for low-temperature flexibility.  

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      Benefits of MATRIX 204 Wet/Dry Roof Cement include:
      • Sealing leaks and openings around flashings, chimneys, vents, skylights, joints in metal edging, gutters, and similar objects
      • Sealing shingles, repairing asphalt build-up, metal, and masonry roofs
      Container Size5-gallon (18.9 liter)
      Net Contents4.75-gallon (17.98 liter)
      Container Size3-gallon (11.36 liter)
      Net Contents2.8-gallon (10.59 liter)

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