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      Why Master Flow® Wi‑Fi Attic Vent Roof Mount ?

      The roof mount Master Flow® Wi-Fi Attic Vent from GAF with built-in QuickConnect™ Wi-Fi Technology allows you to control your power attic vent from virtually anywhere (with an internet connection) via smartphone or tablet1.  This next generation technology is both safe and smart, enabling you to connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi-enabled power attic vent in order to monitor and adjust the humidistat and thermostat. One login using the Master Flow® QUICKCONNECT™ Ventilation Control App allows you to control one or multiple Master Flow® Wi-Fi-enabled vents - excellent for vacation homes, rental properties, etc.1

      Master Flow® QUICKCONNECT™ Wi-Fi Technology provides simplified control of your vent so that you can efficiently and effectively manage excess attic heat and moisture.  This efficient power attic vent delivers 1,250 cubic ft./min of airflow and ventilates up to 2,200 sq. ft. of attic space.

      Bluetooth Technology icon


      Control your power attic vent wirelessly
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      Included for maximum control


      Uses up to 55% less electricity than comparable vents2
      • Galvanized steel construction for durability
      • Heavy-duty internal screen helps prevent animal infestation
      • Excellent for roof slopes 2:12 to 12:12
      • UL Listed to ANSI/UL 507
      • Miami-Dade County Product Control approved, State of Florida approved, and meets or exceeds the requirements of Texas Department of Insurance 

      1To control the power attic vent from your smartphone or tablet, you must download the Master Flow QuickConnect™ Ventilation Control App from the App Store® or Google Play™ Store. Requires Android™ 5.0 and above or iOS 13 and above. 

      2Based on internal testing at 120 volts.

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