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      Slant-back Design Offers Strong Protection

      Helps exhaust heat and moisture from the attic, to protect your roof system from premature deterioration, decrease attic heat and your summer air conditioning load, and limit the growth of harmful mold and mildew. The galvanized slant-back design offers strong protection against weather infiltration, especially on steep-slope applications. Available with an optional weather filter to help resist all types of weather infiltration. It’s also an eligible component for GAF residential enhanced warranties.

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      Slant-back design is an excellent choice to help protect against weather infiltration, especially in steep-slope applications
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      A full 60 sq. in. (38,710 mm2) of net free ventilating area (NFA) per vent
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      Fewer vents needed for installation*

      *Compared to typical 50 sq. in. (32,258 mm2) NFA roof vents.


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