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      Hybrid Solar and House Power - Automatically

      This unique dual-powered vent switches automatically between solar and house power to help reduce excessive heat and moisture in the attic during cloudy weather or at night.  When on solar power, it provides up to 500 CFM airflow1 and when on house power 750 CFM airflow1. Includes thermostat control and helps reduce the energy costs of purely house-powered vents.  It’s also an eligible component of GAF residential enhanced warranties.

      24/7 COOLING
      Works whether the sun is out or not
      Uses Less Electricity
      Versus typical electric-powered ventilators when on house power
      No Hassle Operation
      Automatically switches between solar power and house power
      • Thermostat Control:  For convenience.
      • Great Performance:  Up to 500 CFM (14.16 m3/min) in solar operation;1 up to 750 CFM (21.24 m3/min) in AC operation for excellent airflow.1
      • Durable Solar Panel:  Meets UL 1703 for solar panel impact resistance.
      • Fully Adjustable Solar Panel:  Tilt-and-swivel design for optimal solar exposure.
      • Peace Of Mind:  Backed by 5-yr. limited warranty with 2-yr.Labor Protection Plus Plan.2

      1Based on GAF ASHRAE/ANSI standard airflow testing.

      2See Master Flow Powered Ventilation Products Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.


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