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      Why M‑Curb Pitch Pocket System?

      Designed for use on asphaltic systems, this integrated three-component system provides a watertight, durable seal for difficult roof penetrations.


      Benefits of M-Curb Pitch Pocket System include:
      • Accommodates any size opening
      • Produces long-lasting results when system components are used
      • Provides a water-tight seal
      • Easy to install  

      Installation Options

      • Seal and prime penetration:  Apply a bead of M-Bond™ at the base of the penetration and then prime the penetration with M-Bond™ 3" so it shows 1" above the M-Curb™ after it is installed.
      • Choose the proper curb size: Allow a minimum of 1" clearance from the inside of the curb to the penetration.
      • Seal the edges of the curb:  Once the edges of the curb are sealed, the newly created pitch pocket is ready to be filled using the M-Thane™ Pourable Sealant.The sealant will be tack-free and water-tight typically in 30 minutes to one hour depending on outside weather conditions. 
      *Refer to GAF’s published Data Sheet or Installation Guide for application and complete specification details.

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