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      Why LRF Adhesive M Canister?

      LRF Adhesive M Canister is a low-VOC*, fast-set, two-component polyurethane low-rise foam adhesive. It’s solvent-free and contains low-GWP (global warming potential) propellants. The canister dispenses from two pre-pressurized, disposable cylinders.

      Secure low-slope roofing materials quick and easy

      LRF Adhesive Canister M adheres to a variety of fleece-back, low-slope roof membranes, cover boards, and insulation. The easy-to-use, portable canister means no loud, expensive equipment is needed. The low-VOC* adhesive applies quickly and sets in minutes.


      Low-VOC* and contains low-GWP (global warming potential) propellants


      Portable canister requires no additional equipment

      Faster Install

      Applies quickly and sets in minutes
      *after mixing using SCAQMD Method 304

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