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      Why GAF UniBase Primer?

      UniBase Primer is designed to enhance the adhesion of Roof Mate™ top coats or the PremiumCoat System over approved surfaces, and as a saturant for fabric reinforcement applications. UniBase Primer also acts as an excellent asphalt bleed blocker. Unibase Primer is an easy-to-apply, cost-effective method of securing reinforcing fabric over surfaces prone to structural movement, allowing the stress to be distributed over a broader area of the roof coating system.

      It helps block the migration of asphaltic oils, so the United Coatings™ Roof Mate™  coating can reduce the risk  of bleed-through problems often associated with conventional roof-coating systems.

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      Benefits of GAF UniBase Primer include:
      • Products can be brush, roll, or spray applied
      • Meets all VOC emissions and regulations to eliminate facility downtime during installation
      • Easy application and clean-up
      • Excellent asphalt bleed blocker
      • Low toxicity

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