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      Why GAF Epoxy Primer?

      Epoxy Primer is designed to penetrate and seal porous substrates and to improve the adhesion of high-performance top coats. It helps to “solidify” punky or chalky conditions; increases the bond of acrylic, polyurethane, butyl, and epoxy top coats to a variety of surfaces.

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      Benefits of GAF Epoxy Primer include:
      • Adhesion:  Penetrates and “wets” into porous surfaces, imparting a tenacious chemical and  physical bond between the substrate and subsequent top coat.
      • Non-dusting:  Penetrates deeply to eliminate concrete dusting, providing for easy cleanup and minimum maintenance.
      • Deep Penetration:  Low viscosity allows for penetration into dense surfaces such as smooth-troweled concrete floors, oriented strand board, fiberglass, and various types of metal surfaces.
      • Anti-Spalling:  Helps protect against the intrusion of destructive salts, oils, solvents, and gasoline. Also helps prevent spalling and pitting caused by freeze/thaw cycling

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