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      Why EverGuard® PVC Coated SpeedTite Drains?

      With the GAF SpeedTite™ (a trademark of OMG Roofing Products) Mechanical Seal and “drop-in-ready” packaging, the GAF SpeedTite™ Roof Drain is the fastest installed drain on the market. The SpeedTite™ Roof Drain has been designed with a maximum inside diameter drain stem designed for improved flow performance.


      Benefits of EverGuard® PVC Coated SpeedTite Drains include:
      • The GAF SpeedTite™ Mechanical Seal (patent pending) can be made watertight in seconds without using any tools.
      • Installs in half the time of other insert drains, enhancing productivity.
      • The hand-tightened seal activator creates a symmetrical watertight connection.
      • One-piece seamless body provides strength and durability.
      • Extra-large flange allows positive attachment of roof flashing membrane. 
      • Heavy-duty cast aluminum strainer dome and clamping ring.
      • Exceeds ANSI/SPRI RD1 for back flow prevention for improved flow performance.
      • Also available with a TPO or PVC-coated flange for hot-air weld flashing.
      3" (76 mm) drain
      Weights/Pallet132 lb. (59.87 kg)
      Weight/Carton8.25 lb. (3.74 kg)
      4" (102 mm) drain
      Weights/Pallet135 lb. (61.23 kg)
      Weight/Carton8.9 lb. (4.04 kg)

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