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      Why EverGuard Extreme® TPO 70‑mil Fleece‑Back Membrane?

      An independent TPO study proved:

      EverGuard Extreme® TPO is the best performing TPO in accelerated aging. After accelerated heat aging at 275°F (135°C) for 190 days, EverGuard Extreme® 50-mil and 60-mil TPO showed no cracking — while every one of the competitors’ samples failed.

      Factory-applied polyester fleece provides additional protection to the membrane and means you won’t need a slip sheet when re-covering over a variety of roofs. The fleece-back also provides enhanced puncture resistance, especially in areas more prone to hail. It increases installation efficiency 2–3 times when installing fleece-back TPO with GAF Two-Part Roofing Adhesive (compared to standard TPO adhesives). Guarantees are available up to 30 years and it’s easier to install due to the large welding window.2

      Proven Performance An Aged TPO Field Study


      Benefits of EverGuard Extreme® TPO 70-mil Fleece-Back Membrane include:
      • Great Value:  Superior performance at a cost-effective price.      
      • Excellent Seam Strength:  Heat-welded seams provide greater seam strength to taped and other seams.
      • Long-term Weathering:  Excellent long-term heat and UV resistance.
      • Energy Saving:  Highly reflective and emissive white roof can help reduce energy costs and urban heat island effect.
      • GreenCircle Waste Diversion:  Manufactured in a facility where greater than 75% of waste is diverted from landfill.
      • HPDs:  Only single-ply roofing manufacturer that publishes Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for transparent reporting and LEED® v4 compliance.
      • EPDs:  Publishes Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Single-Ply Roofing Membranes.
      • NSF P151:  Certification of Rainwater Catchment System Components.

      Installation Options

      EverGuard Extreme® 70-mil Fleece-Back TPO can be installed with a wide range of applications:

      • Mechanically Attached Application:  A quick and cost-effective system that can be installed practically year-round.
      • RhinoBond®1 Application:  Can be applied without using adhesives and installed practically year-round.
      • Qualifies for the same guarantee length as an adhered system.2
      • Adhered Application:  Can be installed with EverGuard® 1121 Bonding Adhesive (solvent-based), EverGuard® Low VOC TPO Bonding Adhesive, or EverGuard® WB181 Bonding Adhesive (water-based) for the smoothest appearance.
      • OlyBond500™ Roofing Adhesive Equipment-Free Canister System: Self-contained low-rise foam dispensing kit, offering 24 squares per kit so there are fewer changeovers.  Offers an added benefit because of its spatter pattern, which results in complete coverage for the membrane.
      • Provides superior wind uplift performance.
      1RhinoBond® is a registered trademark of OMG.
      2See applicable guarantee for complete coverage and restrictions.

      TPO Training and Education

      Take advantage of industry-leading training and education though CARE - The Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence.
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      Roofing It Right with Dave and Wally

      When you’re facing your next low-slope roofing challenge, you’re going to wish you had Dave and Wally up there with you. These two consummate roofing pros bring three important tools to every job: experience, ingenuity and a sense of humor.
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