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      Why EnergyGuard Barrier Polyiso Insulation?

      EnergyGuard™ Barrier Polyiso Insulation is made of coated glass-fiber bonded to a core of isocyanurate foam and achieves an ANSI UL790 roof rating over combustible wood decks with a ½" board thickness.

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      Benefits of EnergyGuard Barrier Polyiso Insulation include:
      • High Insulation Value - provides the highest R-value per inch compared to any other type of insulation of equivalent thickness
      • Meets the requirements of ASTM D3273 for resistance to mold growth
      • Excellent dimensional stability
      • Lower overall perm rating than many conventional insulation boards
      • Because of its light weight, this material is easier to handle on the job site and installs faster
      • Easier cutting in the field provides the installer with simplified fabricating on the roof deck, which minimizes on-the-job damage

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