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      Why Drill‑Tec 2" Steel Wall Plates?

      Drill-Tec™ 2" Steel Wall Plates are made of coated Galvalume® steel with a flat design for base/wall attachment of single-ply membrane and around penetrations such as pipes and angle changes (Not to be used for seam attached in the field of the roof).


      Benefits of Drill-Tec 2" Steel Wall Plates include:
      • Can be used on walls where there is a hard surface that the membrane is being attached to.
      • Designed to be used for wall/base attachments or around penetrations, such as pipes or angle changes (Important: Drill-Tec™ 2" Steel Wall Plates are NOT for use as membrane seam plates in the field of the roof).
      • Compatible Fastener - Drill-Tec™ #12 , #14, #15 or CD-10 Fasteners. Fastener type selection is dependent on the substrate that the Drill-Tec™ 2" Steel Wall Plate is being fastened.
      Note: Galvalume® is a registered trademark of BIEC International Inc. and some of its licensed producers.

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