The Cap at Union Station
Single-Ply Project Profile

The Cap at
Union Station

Columbus, Ohio 
Completion Date: July 2016

“Finding a place to hoist material to and from the roof proved difficult due to the location and high-traffic highway below. At times the bridge had to be shut down in order to safely remove and install the roof system.”

Craig McGinnis, production superintendent, Division 7 Roofing

Building Overview

  • The Cap at Union Station is a $7.8 million retail development that reconnects downtown Columbus, Ohio, with the burgeoning Short North arts and entertainment district. Designed as if to appear suspended over I-670, it is a grand architectural undertaking. Composed of three separate bridges—one for through-traffic across the highway, and one on either side for the retail structures—its classically designed buildings line what appears to be a typical city street. Here, shoppers forget they are enjoying their lunch on a bridge that extends over a sunken interstate highway.


  • Division 7 Roofing went with a white TPO roofing system to give the client the most value in the roof system. TPO has high reflectivity that will be energy efficient in the cooling months, and it withstands high UV rays but remains flexible and will not shatter in cold temperatures. TPO also resists thermal shock and hail damage, which is very important to the climate in Ohio.

Job Details

Columbus, Ohio
Job Size
50,000 square feet
Building Owner
670 Cap Partners, LTD

Division 7 Roofing

P.O. Box 366, 72 Holmes Street, Galena, OH 43021-0366,

(740) 965-1970

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