Sanko Fukaya Factory Administrative Office
Single-Ply Project Profile

Sanko Fukaya Factory Administrative Office

Sanko Fukaya Factory Administrative Office

Completion Date: December 2014

“Sanko chose GAF EverGuard Extreme® TPO for the roof of their new administration office building at their Fukaya factory for two reasons. First, part of Sanko’s normal product testing practice is to install products on their own buildings. Having these products at a location where they can closely monitor their long-term performance is a benefit to Sanko. Second, Sanko wanted a convenient location to bring prospective customers where Sanko staff could demonstrate a fully working TPO and solar installation. With the ever increasing popularity of solar roofing and the proven performance of GAF EverGuard Extreme® TPO, Sanko is trying to be a leader in the flat roof solar market in Japan.”

Mr. Masakazu Hino, senior technical manager, stainless steel & single-ply roofing, Sanko Metal Industrial Co., Ltd

Building Overview 

  • A manufacturer of metal roofing products and installer of metal roofing and TPO systems, the company has 37 sales/field services offices and four manufacturing units with 420 employees.

The Challenge

  • The company was looking to rebuild the administrative office building at their Fukaya Factory in Saitama, Japan.


  • EverGuard Extreme® TPO 50 mil was mechanically attached with ISO insulation. EverGuard Extreme® TPO was selected because of its compatibility with the atmosphere in Japan. The heat resistance and high-solar reflectance was important since the rooftop is covered with solar panels. 

Key Facts

  • This test roof is an opportunity for Sanko to show its customers they trust EverGuard Extreme® TPO enough to install it on their own building.

Materials Used

EverGuard Extreme® TPO 50 mil

ISO insulation 

Job Details

Saitama, Japan
Job Size
8,100 square feet
Building Owner
Sanko Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.
Roofing Contractor

Sanko Metal Industrial Co., Ltd Tokyo Branch + Iizuka Metal and Single-Ply Roofing

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