Hill Engineering Research and Development Laboratory
Single-Ply Project Profile

Hill Engineering Research and Development Laboratory

University of Kansas, KS 

Hill Engineering Research and Development Laboratory

Completion Date: Summer 2013

Building Overview 

  • The Hill lab houses EcoHawks, an interdisciplinary design program run by the School of Engineering at the University of Kansas. Its students focus on alternative energy for transportation and use the space for research and fabrication.  

The Challenge

  • The EcoHawks’ program had been rapidly expanding, so there was a need to build a new engineering test facility. The building needed to remain watertight with a durable, UV-resistant roof possessing a high solar reflectance. 


  • Studio 804 is a separate design/build program for students in the KU School of Architecture, Design, and Planning. They designed and constructed the technically sophisticated, sustainable lab in 10 months. Their ideas required roofing that could be easily applied and that was cost effective and industry proven.
  • GAF provided the EverGuard® Freedom™ TPO HW 60 mil Membrane, which solved all the problems from ease of detailing to application.
  • The project met LEED® certification requirements through the roof’s high solar.

Key Facts

  • EverGuard’s LEED® compliance helped the students easily provide the documentation required to achieve LEED® -Platinum certification.

Materials Used

Job Details

University of Kansas
Job Size
4,000 square feet
Building Owner
University of Kansas
Roofing Contractor

Studio 804

1465 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045-7614 studio804.com

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