Avita Health System Tower
Single-Ply Project Profile

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Ontario, Ohio

Completion Date: October 2014

“Knowing the tower on the former Lazarus building had become a local symbol, we felt it was important to offer creative options to Avita. We felt this was an opportunity for Avita to use the tower as the major focal point of a multimillion-dollar hospital renovation.”

Karen Hope, president, Alumni Roofing

Building Overview 

  • In 2007, one of the anchor stores, Lazarus department store, closed at the Richland Mall in Ontario, Ohio. After years of vacancy due to the sluggish economy, Avita Health System decided to purchase the building and convert it into a medical facility/hospital. At the top of the department store, was a tower designed as a screening wall to cover a large air conditioning unit, which became a symbol of the mall since it was constructed in 1972. 

The Challenge

  • Avita looked at many options for the tower since they did not need the chiller—tear it down, re-shingle it, or use it as a billboard. Alumni Roofing was commissioned to do the job and prepared photos of the structure using TPO instead of shingles with the Avita Health System logo.


  • The old chiller was removed from inside the structure and Alumni Roofing removed the shingles, installed a temporary underlayment, and replaced the rotted decking. They installed a ½" EnergyGuard™ HD Polyiso Cover Board using low-profile screws and plates, since the traditional insulation plates would show through the membrane.
  • GAF EverGuard® Freedom™ TPO with RapidSeam™ Technology was installed in five-foot sheets—first on the sides without the logo. The logo was cut from EverGuard® TPO 60-mil in Dark Bronze, Patina Green, and Hartford Green using a stencil and was then welded onto the sheets. The self-adhering TPO technology was used because of the difficult, steep working conditions.  

Key Facts

  • LED lights were installed around the base to bring visibility to the building across Ontario and Mansfield, Ohio. The hospital illuminates the tower on various occasions with theme colors such as red, white, and blue for patriotic holidays or pink for breast cancer awareness month.

Job Details

Ontario, Ohio
Job Size
60,000 square feet
Building Owner
Avita Ontario
Roofing Contractor

Alumni Roofing Company Inc.

2830 Lexington Ave Lexington, OH 44904 alumniroofing.com

(419) 884-9715

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