Coatings Project Profile


Miami, FL

Completion Date: July 2011

“HydroStop’s products reinforced the primary initiative of the project— having a warranted, water-tight, walkable roof system that doesn’t look like a roof system.”

Jay Chavez, senior property manager, 605 Lincoln Road Office Condominiums

Building Overview 

  • The 605 Lincoln Road Building (known locally as the former “Sony Music Building”) is located on South Beach’s historic road of open-air retail shops, restaurants, art galleries, and other businesses. Built in 1932, the building is an example of the historic art deco architecture found in the South Beach area.
  • It is also the home of SapientNitro, an international technology services firm that houses its data center on the penthouse level.

The Challenge

  • The company’s data center is located directly below the building’s cooling tower units, which emit water as a byproduct of this type of cooling system. Therefore, it was a major concern to ensure a watertight roof was in place to protect thousands of dollars of servers and electronic equipment.
  • The development firm was looking for a roofing solution that would maintain a leak-free building without tearing off the existing roof, while also being able to be used as a walkable deck with no resemblance of a roofing application.


  • Using the HydroStop™ PremiumCoat® System allowed the 605 Lincoln Road Building and the surrounding restaurants and boutiques to experience zero disruption to their businesses or pedestrian traffic. Due to the open-air pedestrian area below, a spray application could not be used, but the HydroStop™ PremiumCoat® System’s versatile application process turned out to be a great solution. The BarrierGuard® System was used as the primary waterproofing system within the cooling towers’ roof deck to ensure the data center below would not experience water intrusion.
  • HydroStop™ FlexCoat Wall Coating was used as the secondary waterproofing for the vertical walls surrounding the cooling towers. FlexCoat is a flexible elastomeric that fills cracks and provides a smooth, watertight barrier for masonry surfaces (which are primary points of entry for water). FlexCoat is carefully formulated to remain flexible and allow for movement while providing a high-quality water seal.

Key Facts

  • PremiumCoat® is a fluid-applied, 100% reinforced, water-based acrylic elastomeric roof system that has been FM 4470 tested for water leakage, wind uplift, hail damage, flame spread, and resistance to foot traffic.Staying consistent with the art-deco theme, the TrafficCoat® wave pattern (applied in two non-skid coats over the full PremiumCoat® System) reinforced the primary initiative of a watertight, walkable, and beautiful roof system.

Materials Used

• PremiumCoat® System plus TrafficCoat pattern

 BarrierGuard® and HydroFiber for the pitch pans 

Job Details

Miami, FL
Job Size
11,400 square feet

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