New Orleans Air Force Building
Coatings Project Profile

New Orleans Air Force Building

Pensacola, FL

Completion Date:

“For years, I have used TOPCOAT® Liquid-Applied Roofing with confidence and appreciated their professional technical support as well as the reliability of the TOPCOAT® product line. It is with this confidence that PSI specifies TOPCOAT® products to our clients to solve their various roof restoration and leak repair problems. These clients include institutional manufacturing, military, and high-tech facilities."

Albert White, RRO, senior roof consultant, Professional Service Industries, Inc.

Building Overview 

  • Building is 90,000 square feet with a 250ˈ nearly vertical roof surface.
  • Deck is made of EPS and XPS boards, which are set in an aluminum grid in addition to a Kevlar® Cover, which is held down with negative pressure pumps run by electricity.  

The Challenge 

  • Water penetrated the EPS and XPS surface when high winds from a hurricane hit the upper Florida Gulf Coast, removing the Kevlar® Cover that protected the building from water.
  • Determining how to waterproof the building without installing a traditional new roofing system.
  • Determining how to seal and prevent air passing through the joints of the EPS and XPS surface


  • Highly reflective white surface reflects solar radiation and provides for better energy efficiency inside the building structure by decreasing building temperatures.
  • Provides this particular building owner with a secondary line of defense against leaks and air passage through the EPS and XPS surface.
  • The TOPCOAT® system provided the water resistance and security the United States Air Force relies on to protect their sensitive equipment. TOPCOAT® Liquid Fabric (requires no reinforcing fabric) provides a strong, flexible seal that will not become brittle and will expand and contract with the roof. TOPCOAT® Flashing Grade, once cured by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, forms a strong, flexible waterproofing seal. 

Job Details

Pensacola, FL
Job Size
90,000 square feet
Building Owner
United States Air Force

CAN Inc. New Orleans, LA

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