Alamogordo High School
Coatings Project Profile

Alamogordo High School

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Completion Date: December 2015

“The reroof project at Alamogordo High School was a huge success! I would like to thank the teams at GAF and RoofCARE for providing a superior product and expert installation on this project. The HydroStop® System was the perfect solution to mitigate the damages occurring at Alamogordo High School resulting from de-lamination of the existing 10-year-old roof membrane. After completing multiple roofing projects using the HydroStop® System throughout our school district, I have found this roof system to be so much more than just another coating on the market.”

Justin Burks, Maintenance Supervisor

Building Overview 

  • This high school had several sections with ten-year-old single-ply membrane that was in need of repair and several sections with 20+ -year-old gravel roofs that leaked in numerous areas. 

The Challenge

  • The district didn’t have sufficient funds to replace all the roofs. Instead, they asked us to conduct a survey of the existing roof conditions in order to put together a plan to manage the schools’ roofing assets. Infrared scans and core samples were taken, and only about 3% of the entire roof was found to have damaged/wet insulation. Throughout the project, the safety of the students and our crew was our primary concern. We also had to deal with a large number of storms that came throughout the project, which required diligent planning, coordination, and scheduling to make sure we had everything covered and protected before the storms hit.


  • Our budget-friendly solution was to replace the sections of wet insulation, renovate the existing roof membrane, and do extensive corrective repairs and maintenance to all the gravel roofs, as they were still in good condition and only leaking due to lack of proper maintenance. There was a significant savings of both time and money for the district. Because we saved the existing roof and installed the fluid-applied system over it, the district didn’t have to pay to have it torn off and replaced. Sustainable, fluid-applied options also save production time for the same reason. In addition, this system offers renewable warranties. After the initial warranty is up, this roof simply needs to be inspected to determine eligibility, cleaned, and another two or more finishing coats can be installed at a low cost to provide another full system warranty term.1 These systems also provide several benefits to the environment and are much less disruptive to the school and students compared to traditional re-roofing.

Key Facts

  • Recipient of the National CoatingsPro Award in the Commercial Roofing category. 

Materials Used

  • 2" mechanically attached ISO 

Job Details

Alamogordo, NM
Job Size:
67,770 square feet
Building Owner:
Alamogordo Public Schools
Roofing Contractor


406 Roundtree Pl., Ste. 300 Las Cruces, NM 88005

(888) 336-3037

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