The Cap at Union Station

Commercial Case Studies

Coating Projects

Located less than a mile from these beautiful beaches sits Lakeside at Delray, a community association of buildings with aging roofs.

Joseph LaRue, president, Lakeside Association Inc.

“After an intense period of due diligence, culminating in a two-hour head-to-head presentation between the final two competing products and three potential contractors, we selected Piotr Zawadzki (aka Trusted Construction) to install Unisil Roof HS Coating. We are extremely satisfied with that decision.”

Pavement Coatings Projects

The Continental Avenue Bridge was an old 1930s bridge converted to an outdoor pedestrian and cyclist space.

Shawn Williams, city of Dallas

"The bridge boasts a lot more than a walkway. There are seating areas, a chess board, not only just sit-down chess, but life-sized chess pieces that people will be able to enjoy. We want this to be a year-round attraction where people can come and enjoy the bridge and river in a way they haven't before."

Single-Ply Projects

IntelliTec Medical Institute is an institute of higher education in Colorado Springs dedicated to providing healthcare training using expert in-field professional instructors.


"The American flag roof was a tribute and statement to the brave men and women serving our country. It was just a roofer's way of translating our industry's appreciation for their dedication."

Asphaltic Projects

The property is a winner of the ARMA Quality Asphalt Roofing Case-Study Award.

Catherine Awtrey, president and owner, Texas Roof Management Inc.

“Without question, the GAF team was extremely instrumental in completing this very complex project. From beginning to end, GAF provided the support when needed.”

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