The Roof Cycle™ Process

GAF will help divert asphalt shingle waste from landfills into shingle manufacturing to provide sustainable shingle options for homeowners and contractors.

Will help divert shingle waste away from landfills

More than 13 million tons of shingle waste is generated each year and much of it ends up in landfills. The Roof Cycle™ Process will help divert some of that waste for use in shingle manufacturing.

Shingles containing recycled material

GAF plans to use about 90% of the shingle waste that it collects to manufacture new shingles.

Same great GAF quality

Shingles manufactured using the Roof Cycle™ Process will contain about 7% recycled content and will provide the same quality and performance you expect from a GAF roof.

About the Roof Cycle Process

The Roof Cycle™ Process will be piloted in limited areas. GAF is committing more than $100 million to bring the Roof Cycle™ Process to commercial scale. As it becomes more widely available, contractors will play a vital role by routing shingle tear off into the cycle and offering homeowners the sustainable roofing shingle so many of them are looking for. Sign up for alerts to receive updates on the Roof Cycle Process and be the first to know when shingles containing recycled content are available in your area.

Shingle removal, sorting and transport of clean tear off (post-consumer waste)

Receive PCW to be collected and transported to GAF processing center

PCW briquettes and granules are incorporated into the manufacturing process

PCW converted and processed into briquettes and granules

Installation of new GAF shingles with recycled content

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