5 Ways for Roofers to Celebrate Vets Beyond Veterans Day

By Annie Crawford 06-03-2022
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Roofers, are you ready? Here's your chance to help protect veterans who have protected our country. As a roofer, you know that a reliable roof protects what matters most. You're also uniquely qualified to support our troops by ensuring their homes and families are covered.

The United States has nearly 1.37 million active servicemembers and 18 million veterans. From simple customer education about roofing rebates for military members to getting involved in community service, here are five ways to show gratitude that stretches far beyond Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day.

1. Promote Roofs for Troops

This one is almost too easy: simply ask each customer if they qualify for Roofs for Troops. Current and former US military members get $250 back by installing a qualifying GAF roofing system and purchasing an enhanced warranty*. Promoting this program helps servicemembers, provides a business boost, and doesn't require added work for roofers, explained roofer Chris Gerbino, Director of Operations at WeatherGuard Roofing & Restoration of Charlotte, North Carolina, a member of the GAF Master Elite Contractor Program**.

To broach the topic with their potential customers, WeatherGuard representatives explain that "both WeatherGuard and GAF believe that much like how they served to protect our country, their roofing system should serve to protect their home." WeatherGuard reps share that in order to protect a home, they need to make sure that the project consists of the correct materials, installation methods, and warranty. Gerbino said that, "we can put a $250 price on the rebate, but there is no price we can put on their peace of mind in knowing that their home is protected."

Once eligible customers know about Roofs for Troops, they apply for the rebate at https://www.gafroofsfortroops.com/. This means no added administrative work on the backend for busy roofers.

In addition to helping hometown heroes, the rebate program also helps increase business, said Gerbino. "By offering a much-needed service to our community, honoring those who have served, and offering the rebate from a company like GAF, WeatherGuard really resonates with prospective customers."

The GAF Roofs for Troops program has been running for 10 years and has proudly served more than 50,000 military families.

2. Get Social With Service

Use social media, promo emails, your word-of-mouth network, and your website to educate people about roofing services for vets and active military. Post details about programs like the GAF Roofs for Troops program and Habitat for Humanity's Repair Corps for veterans.

Good news travels, and you have the benefit of giving people access to needed services while associating your name with positive community work.

3. Hire Vets as Roofers

Many veterans utilize their experience, work ethic, and discipline to excel in the roofing industry and help meet the demand for reliable workers. Learn how GAF relies on veterans in roofing manufacturing and how you can benefit from hiring some of these hardworking heroes for your own roofing company. To connect with veterans about jobs, tap into your local Veterans Affairs office and consider working with the GAF Roofing Academy for training opportunities or to hire candidates.

4. Celebrate Service Days

Take time each year for your company to celebrate our current and former troops. Use social media and signage to recognize Veterans Day on November 11 and Armed Forces Day on the third Saturday in May.

To step up the gratitude, plan a service activity—such as a free roofing repair for a struggling veteran—to coincide with the holiday. Use your local Veterans Affairs office or VFW post to identify those in need of assistance.

In one star-spangled example, GAF Roof Raiser and Master Elite Contractor Roy Campbell of Telge Roofing donated and installed a new roof system on the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 8905 in Cypress, Texas. Locals knew a reliable roof was a priority for the 80-year-old community center—without one, the remaining building repairs would be ruined by leaks. Fortunately, Roy swooped in as a roofing hero.

5. Become a GAF Community Contractor

Roofers who are part of GAF's Certified Contractor program** can take service to the next level by also becoming a part of the GAF Community Contractor Program. As part of the program, there are opportunities to donate your time by installing a roofing system on a Habitat for Humanity project to support families in need of safe, affordable housing. You can always request to work on projects supporting veteran or military families. To learn more about the programs and opportunities like this that are available, reach out to your local GAF Territory Manager.

Giving Back Builds Business

Giving back isn't just good for the soul, it's good business sense, too. People care whether or not companies care, and customers put their money where their values are. For example, 71% of consumers are willing to pay more for a socially or environmentally responsible product or service, while 78% of Americans believe companies should positively impact society.

That could mean something as simple as spreading the word about rebate programs for troops or an act as life-changing as donating time to put a roof over veterans' heads. You can make a major difference to a veteran's family as well as position yourself as a leader in your community.

Your work protects what matters most. You don't have to donate an entire roof to be a roofing hero. Get connected with Roofs for Troops or GAF Community Matters to make a difference.

*Terms and restrictions apply. Visit https://www.gafroofsfortroops.com/ for complete details. Valid for qualifying installations between 1/1/22 and 12/31/22.

**Contractors enrolled in GAF certification programs are not employees or agents of GAF, and GAF does not control or otherwise supervise these independent businesses. Contractors may receive benefits, such as loyalty rewards points and discounts on marketing tools from GAF for participating in the program and offering GAF enhanced warranties, which require the use of a minimum amount of GAF products. Your dealings with a Contractor, and any services they provide to you, are subject to the Contractor Terms of Use.

Annie Crawford is a freelance writer in Oakland, CA, covering travel, style, and home improvement. Find more of her work at annielcrawford.com.
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