Why M-Weld™ Pre-Flashed Accessories?

Conventional field-built penetration flashings are among the most notorious leak sites on the roof. But M-Weld™ Pre-Flashed Accessories offer consistent, factory-built quality every time, reducing the possibility of leaks and callbacks. M-Weld™ Accessories work with torch, hot bitumen, or cold adhesive applied systems.

Choosing uniform, pre-flashed accessories over field-built solutions results in a neater finished appearance and can lower installation costs by up to 6%! Available in a wide variety of standard styles and sizes, plus custom-fabricated styles to meet specific job requirements. The M-Weld™ M-Scupper is a pre-flashed metal through-wall roof drain designed for easy installation to aid in quick lateral removal of water.


  • Easy:  Eliminates the need for special metal work
  • Cleaner:  No messy primer needed and no clean up
  • Excellent Adhesion:  Pre-flashing process ensures excellent material adhesion to metal, even in hard-to-reach places


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