Pyramid Roofing Company Inc
Pyramid Roofing Company Inc

Pyramid Roofing Company Inc

Member Since: 01/01/1900
4001 E 138th St , Grandview MO, 64030 USA

About us

There’s a reason that Pyramid Roofing Commercial has been the first choice for the commercial roofing needs of local businesses over the last 20 years, and it has everything to do with our roofing quality, value, and service dependability. Thanks to our high-tech equipment and trained manpower, we have the ability to take on any size of project, regardless of whether it’s a new-construction installation or a re-roofing job.

Our Awards & Certifications


Master Select™ Certification

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Single Ply Certification
This GAF-certified contractor specializes in installing Single-Ply roofing systems.
Signifies that this contractor has met the eligibility requirements to achieve President’s Club designation. Indicates that this contractor is committed to Performance, Reliability, and Service.
Asphaltic Certification
This GAF-certified contractor specializes in installing Asphaltic roofing systems.
CMP Certification
This contractor can offer you the WellRoof® Guarantee Extension on your NDL warranty, extending it by 25%, when you agree to annual preventative maintenance.