About GAFGLAS® Mineral-Surfaced Cap Sheet

The glass base resists the effects of moisture on the roof system while the aesthetically attractive granule surface provides an ultra-violet protective surface and requires no additional surface coatings. UL Class A, B, or C membrane constructions are available and system guarantees are available for up to 20 years.

  Length Width Square Feet Per Rolls Weight 


32.6' (9.9 m) 39.4" (1.0 m) Approx. 106.9 gross sq. ft. (9.9 m2)  68 lb. (30.8kg)
1.25 SQUARE 40.7' (12.7 m) 39.375" (1.0 m) Approx. 134 gross sq. ft. (12.5 m2)  87.5 lb. (39.7kg)

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