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      About EnergyGuard™ HD & HD Plus Polyiso cover board

      EnergyGuard HD and EnergyGuard HD Plus have an R-value of 2.5, higher than any non-polyiso cover board. And at 11 and 13 lbs. per 4’ x 8’ board, it’s a fraction of the weight of gypsum cover boards. These boards are made with a high-density polyiso foam core and durable coated glass facers (CGF), making them the ideal board for protecting your roof against the elements, moisture, and traffic.

      • System Approval Mod Bit, BUR, single-ply, and ballasted
      • UL Evaluation Report ER1306-03
      • FM Approved per Approval Standards 4450 and 4470.*
      • FM Approved as a component of a Class 1-SH hail rated assembly*
      • Classified by UL in accordance with ANSI/UL 790 and 1256**
      • Meets the requirements of D3272 for resistance to mold growth
      • Miami-Dade County Product Controlled Approved
      • ASTM C1289 Type II, Class 4 Grade 1 (80 psi min to 109 psi max) for EnergyGuard™ HD
      • State of Florida Approved
      • ASTM C1289 Type II, Class 4 Grade 2 (110 psi min to 139 psi max) for EnergyGuard™ HD Plus
      • Canada Data Sheet  - For Canadian EnergyGuard RA HD Polyiso Cover Board Data Sheet click on docs button
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      * Refer to for specific assemblies
      ** Refer to UL Product iQ for specific assemblies


      Benefits of EnergyGuard™ HD and EnergyGuard™ HD Plus Polyiso cover board include:

      Easy to Handle

      Lightweight, easy to cut, and easy to install

      Excellent Performance

      R-value of 2.5 and two compressive strength choices


      Compatible with mechanically attached TPO, fully adhered TPO, cold-applied MB, cold-applied BUR applications, and more

      EnergyGuard™ gives you installation options to best fit your roof system needs.

      GAF certified commercial contractor easily moving lightweight EnergyGuard cover boards

      Lightweight, easy to cut, and easy maneuver around a job site.

      Contractor installing GAF roof cover board on a flat roof with multiple layers to provide high R-value

      Provides both protection and R-value on a multi-layer system.

      Commercial contractors installing two layers of cover boards with TPO membrane

      Installation of two layers with staggered joints and MA EnergyGuard HD, TPO membrane.

      Contractors wheeling roof cover boards at a commercial site

      Made with a high compressive strength to help protect roof from weather, and foot traffic.

      Contractor installing GAF EnergyGuard cover boards along with TPO

      Compatible with a variety of single-ply roofing systems, including TPO.

      GAF commercial contractor using solvent based adhesive with EnergyGuard HD cover boards

      Compatible with solvent-based adhesives due to the CGF facer.

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