EverGuard® PVC

60-mil Membrane

60-mil Membrane

Why EverGuard® PVC 60-mil Membrane?

PVC has excellent flexibility. It also has increased resistance to UV, ozone, chemicals, tears, and punctures. That along with heat-welded seams, a white reflective color, and how simple it is to repair and install makes it the right choice for your job.


  • Guarantees are available up to 20 years when using EverGuard® PVC 60-mil Membrane.2
  • Heat-welded seams for greater reliability.
  • Easy, three-step installation to reduce the chance of application errors.
  • High reflectivity for greater energy savings.
  • Increased chemical resistance compared to other roofing technologies.
  • Simple repair to reduce your ongoing maintenance costs.


EverGuard® PVC 60-mil Smooth Membrane is suitable for all types of single-ply systems:

  • Mechanically Attached Application:  A quick and cost-effective system that can be installed practically year-round.
  • RhinoBond®1 Application:  Achieves the look and performance of a fully adhered roof at nearly the cost of a mechanically attached system.
  • Qualifies for the same guarantee length as an adhered system.2
  • Adhered Application:  When installed with EverGuard® 2331 Bonding Adhesive (solvent based), it results in a smooth appearance and is low VOC compliant.
  • Provides excellent wind uplift performance and qualifies for the longest guarantee available for this product.2


Field fabrication of PVC accessories is time-consuming, costly, inconsistent, and can lead to unreliable details that could compromise a watertight roofing system. EverGuard® PVC prefabricated accessories deliver consistent quality and eliminate the worry and problems often associated with field fabrication. They can also boost productivity by up to 200%,3 while reducing installation cost by up to 12%.

1RhinoBond® is a registered trademark of OMG.
2See applicable guarantee for complete coverage and restrictions.
3Based on GAF estimate to field-fabricate flashing details. 


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